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This Portable Trash Can Fits In Your Car’s Cup Holder

* Better than baggies around the head rest
* Has a lid to prevent spills
* Works in car, home or office

Here’s a problem we all experience but you never hear about: car trash. You know, all the junk and clutter that accumulates from driving. Maybe it’s empty straw wrappers from the drive-thru or that 8-foot-long receipt you received when you purchased a pack of gum. Whatever it is, cars collect garbage, which creates a less than pleasant driving experience. But, this ultra-convenient car accessory gets rid of all your un-wanted trash in a flash.

It helps keep your car clean and tidy. So tidy in fact, you’ll no longer be embarrassed to take your friends and family for a ride. Forget hanging a plastic grocery bag from the radio knob. That’s ugly, embarrassing, and inconvenient. This solid, plastic trash can fits right in your cup holder to prevent tipping over. It also has a lid so no odors waft out and no liquids spill out. You can even tuck a plastic bag inside to fill and remove as needed.

It’s always right there. So, you can easily dispose of trash on the road and just as easily empty it out when you get home. It’s your own, personal, portable trashcan to use wherever you like, including the office or around the house. At less than $10, we suggest getting a couple for yourself — and maybe one for a messy friend or family member too.

And if you’ve already mastered keeping trash out of your car, you can always use this convenient container as an ashtray, pen organizer, or coin holder as well.

This portable trash can is made from durable and easy to wipe-down plastic. It measures 3.9″ x 8.3″ and available in multiple colors.

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