Organize and Clean Your Car With These 6 Amazon Hidden Gems – Starting at $12

car organization hacks
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Driving to and from work, going on long road trips, or simply traveling around town can take a major toll on the interior cleanliness of your car. This situation holds especially true if you have a family or pets in tow as you travel. With all your various charging cables, groceries, toys, road trip snacks, and the natural attraction of dust and debris, it can be hard to keep your car organized, clean and smelling fresh. That said, there are tons of great products to organize and clean your car.

There are many items to help you stay tidy and prevent things from getting out of control – and thanks to Amazon a lot of these hidden gems are right at your fingertips. To give you a head start, we’ve made a list of six products that will help you organize and clean your car virtually overnight. They’re all super easy to use and come at affordable price points so you won’t have to break the bank while trying to give your car the attention that it needs.

From phone holders to vent cleaners and even a vacuum that will also inflate your tires, the car cleaning hacks on this list will definitely help your car look like the pristine machine you always knew it could be. Keep scrolling to see our favorite products to organize and clean your car.


1. Amazon Basics Air Vent Universal Smartphone Holder

Mount this smartphone holder to your air vent to keep track of your phone’s whereabouts while also easily viewing maps and phone calls as you drive hands-free. It can be placed horizontally or vertically and is designed to fit most phones, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Place it in your car for a worry-free drive that prevents the clutter of your phone in your cup holder and seats.

amazon basics car vent phone holder Courtesy of Amazon


2. SURDOCA Car Trunk Organizer

How cool is this car trunk organizer? It fits neatly into your trunk or backseat, giving you a convenient area to store items like toys, sports equipment, cleaning products, groceries, and more. Install in minutes using the three included straps to keep it in place.

trunk organizer Courtesy of Amazon


3. Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

This device attaches to your car’s seat belt to catch items that slip between the crack of your seats. The set comes with 2 Drop Stops: one for your driver’s side and another for your passenger side. Made of pliable neoprene, it fits neatly into most vehicles.

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler Courtesy of Amazon


4. TICARVE Cleaning Gel

This cleaning gel fits into the nook and crannies of your car’s crevices to remove dust, dirt, and debris on contact. Use it to clean your vehicles’ air vents, cup holders, door handles, and more. It’s quick and easy to use multiple times.

TICARVE Cleaning Gel Courtesy of Amazon


5. VARSK 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner + Tire Inflater

This 4-in-1 vacuum cleans while also serving as an inflation device for your tires. It features an easy-read tire pressure display and built-in LED light that helps you see in the dark. The vac provides strong suction to pick up dirt and debris left around the car and comes with three different vacuum nozzles to fit into small spaces.


VARSK 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon


6. Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Does your car have a funky odor that just won’t go away? Then order this 4-pack of car deodorizing bags for just $15. Inside these bamboo cloth bags, you’ll find chunks of charcoal that naturally absorb odors from the air. It’s literally the easiest possible car cleaning hack — discreetly store one of these bags in your car and let it go to work cleaning the air while you drive. And if you live in a humid part of the world, these deodorizing bags will also absorb excess moisture.

charcoal deodorizer bags Courtesy of Amazon

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