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Cruise Around Town on a Schwinn Folding Bike — 33% OFF

When bike shopping, don’t just settle for any bike. Look for a bicycle that’s going to match your commuting and lifestyle needs. Whether you are avid driver or subway rider, this Schwinn will easily find a spot in your life. This sleek, black, and low-standing folding bike is the best way to get to work or around town.

Never worry about leaving your bike chained up outside and vulnerable to thieves again. The 20-inch Schwinn Loop folds up in a nice square that’s easy to tote upstairs and can fit in any spot in the office or house. It’s also ideal for travel and can easily fit into any medium-sized suitcase.

Don’t be fooled by the Schwinn’s ability to compress into a neat little package, this is a serious bike. This urban leisure bike can maneuver around any kind of terrain. The alloy frame is durable, immune to rust, and lighter than conventional frames.

Built with seven speeds, the bike is programmed to handle virtually any grade or terrain — from steep hills, to sidewalks, to quaint neighborhoods, and to bustling city streets. The alloy linear pull-breaks are sturdy and guaranteed to come to a full stop in all road conditions.

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