Slither Through The Streets With This Python Leather Skateboard Deck

skateboard deck Jamie Clawson python leather

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* Unique skateboard deck – unlike any other you will find on the market
* Stand out from the crowd with genuine python leather deck
* Finest-grade leather sourced from New York

Take your skateboard to another level of individual style with this python leather wrapped deck. The unique top side is ideal for making your board stand out from the crowd, whether you’re affixing wheels to ride through the street, or keeping it as a display piece at home.

The python leather design exudes class. Combined with the natural wood grain underside, it gives the board a high-quality feel. The board is designed and produced by Jamie Clawson whose name has become synonymous with every day products that mix premium leather with outstanding craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

Each board is made in the USA from maple wood and snakeskin sourced from New York. Every deck is handmade to order. And each hide used to wrap the boards has its own unique color variations, natural marks and imperfections that may have occurred during the life of the snake. These individual variations mean that every board produced is one-of-a-kind in nature.

The deck measures 32 inches wide and 8 inches across. Hardware is not included.

The perfect gift for the skater boy (or girl) in your life, the python leather skateboard deck from Jamie Clawson is a true collector’s piece that will elevate your game – kick-flip or otherwise – to a whole new level.

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