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This Bike Lock Turns Your Smartphone Into a Smart Key

* Uses GPS to track your bike, follow your trip and monitor calories burned
* Keyless lock works with both iOS and Android phones
* Comes with a bonus 48-inch stainless steel cable

The BitLock adds a new twist to the age-old bike lock. The result is a tough and extremely durable bike lock that can be set and unlocked by the tap of your phone. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of those tiny keys again.

The cut-resistant stainless steel U-lock is extremely durable and both waterproof and rustproof. It also includes a high-security locking mechanism for reinforced protection.

You can even share your key code with multiple riders. You can then grant or remove access to anyone, making this lock ideal for people who share the same bike. A pretty awesome concept.

You can also track your bike by honing in on your lock’s exact location. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting where you locked your bike or motorcycle ever again. What’s more, the companion app can even be used to track your cycling time, distance and even calories burned.

The BitLock is powered by an ultra-strong lithium battery that has been tested to last up to 10,000 separate locks. And as a bonus, the BitLock also comes with a 48-inch stainless steel cable in case your phone isn’t handy.

A smart lock and a bonus stainless steel cable? That’s a tough offer to beat.

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