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Snowstorms Are Coming. Make Sure You and Your Car Are Prepared With These Windshield Snow Brushes

You know the feeling — you walk outside on a crisp winter morning to find your car is covered in snow and your windshield has just become a miniature ice skating rink. You’re already late for work and need a quick fix to get you and your vehicle moving again. Enter — the snow brush. They make snow brushes exclusively for use on cars that can scrape off the ice and brush off the snow all in one nifty tool that’ll be your savior come these colder months.

A scraper is great for ice and the stubborn freeze that can come in those truly frigid temperatures. But a snow brush is great for that layer of fluffy, white puff that you would like off your car so you can move on with your day. They’re durable, made of hardy materials that’ll last you through the season and beyond, and usually pretty compact. They won’t take up a lot of storage space in your car, and are worth their weight in gold when you’re in a freezing, surprise snow pinch. Here are the best snow brushes for cars aimed at keeping the snow off your car, and getting you safely on the road as quickly as possible.

1. Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush

This snow brush from Hopkins has four rows of sturdy bristles for removing heavy snow piles and a 4″ scraper blade for breaking through even the thickest of ice. The contoured foam grip offers control and comfort over your work and the whole tool is only 26″ long so it can reach across most windshields easily but is also compact enough to store easily.

Pros: Comfortable grip, compact size, heavy duty ice scraper for stubborn freeze.

Cons: Padding on the handle may come loose after excessive use.

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2. AstroAI Snow Brush

This snow brush is made with high-strength, durable PC bristles and an ABS shaft you can count on. It’s been built to withstand heavy snowstorms as well as below freezing temperatures easily. It’ll brush the snow and scrape the ice off of your windshield without damage with the snow brush and ice scraper ends both built into this tool. You can also separate the scraper and brush to divide and conquer if it comes to that. It has an ergonomic handle that’s as comfortable as it is hard-working and the whole brush is 27″ long to give you the added reach you may need for a variety of cars.

Pros: Durable construction, ability to separate the brush and scraper, built tough but won’t damage your windshield.

Cons: Doesn’t have the ability to extend its length.

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3. Snow MOOver 39″ Extendable Snow Brush

This snow brush from Snow MOOver is extendable and has the length you need to reach all of the snow covering larger windshields on bigger cars like trucks, SUVs and other large vehicles. The double-sided head has a squeegee and brush head built into one side and there’s a removable ice scraper on the other end for tackling big pile-ups. The ice scraper has durable jaws for breaking through the ice that are also non-scratch so you don’t need to worry about unnecessary damage if you go all in on those ice chips. Reach those hard-to-reach spots with this snow brush that has all of the length and tools you need to get your vehicle through any storm.

Pros: Extendable length, 39″ long, ice scraper, snow brush and squeegee head all in one tool.

Cons: Extra length makes it larger and more difficult to store compactly in a small car.

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4. MATCC Car Snow Brush

This car snow brush from MATCC is extendable and makes it easy to remove snow and ice from your car with the durable bristles and heavy-duty ice scraper. The snow brush head can rotate up to 270° which makes car snow removal in the tough spots along your windshield and roof easier. This snow brush has a thick and comfortable grip for easy control when using it and the tools are detachable in case you need to divvy up the snow removal tasks between multiple people. This snow brush is a great gift for your friend who’s new to a cold environment and will get the job done no matter the conditions.

Pros: Rotating snow brush head, detachable attachments, thick snow brush head, durable ice scraper.

Cons: This is a heavier tool and might be difficult to hold for young children or elderly users.

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5. AmazonBasics Car Snow Brush

This car snow brush from AmazonBasics has an 8″ brush for removing snow from any part of the car and a 4″ ice scraper for when the deep freeze is upon you. It has a foam grip that’s comfortable and secure to hold even when wearing gloves or mittens, and the whole tool is lightweight and portable so you can easily bring it with you to have in a pinch.

Pros: Simple, straightforward design that’s lightweight and easy to use.

Cons: The foam grip is on the same side as the ice scraper which can make it difficult to get the leverage you need.

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