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This $40 “Noggle” Lets You Extend Your Heat or AC to Passengers In The Backseat

* Make the back seat cool (or warm) again
* Safe for kids, pets – all members of the family
* Works in all car models

The Noggle is one of those items that you probably never knew existed but knew there was a need for every time you looked back to make sure your guests and especially kids were comfortable in the back seat of your car. Well, it does exist in the form of a 6 (or 8 or 10) foot tubular device that extends cool or hot air directly from your vehicle dash vent to your passengers in the back seat.

Versatile and multi-use, the Noggle conveniently installs and removes in seconds and comes with both rectangular and circular dash plate adapters that will work in most vehicles. The Noggle connects to your dash and sends air direct from the dashboard to your passengers in the back seat, providing a controlled distribution of air throughout your vehicle. As easy as it is to install, the Noggle is just as easy to remove as it features a quick disconnect system, allowing you to easily remove it from the dash when you are traveling alone or the car has reached the desired temperature.

Due to the smaller size and capacity of most air vents in the back seat, it is sometimes hard to maintain a comfortable temperature and when the hot summer months come around, it’s nice to know that the Noggle will start working in seconds to cool everything off. It’s also great in the winter when you want to warm up the car – and the seats – for your passengers.

If you do not have children or many guests frequenting your backseat, the Noggle is also great for keeping your pets cool and comfortable and ensuring a pleasant, stress-free ride for all.

Sure it looks a little awkward, but hundreds of happy reviewers online swear by this device for their road trips, and daily commute with the family.