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How to Use Your Commuter Benefits For Uber

* uberPOOL now eligible for commuter benefits
* Save money by using pre-tax dollars to pay for your ride
* Easy to use: just add commuter benefit card to your Uber account

As we enter into the busy tax season, it’s time we all take a look at how we can save money and cut down on expenses. An often overlooked way to save is by maxing out on your commuter benefits – the employer-provided benefits program that helps you with your monthly commuting expenses.

Companies that provide commuter benefits pay for you to take public transportation—such as trains, subways and buses— to work. Now, you can add uberPOOL to that list as well.

Uber announced this week that uberPOOL riders are now eligible to use their pre-tax commuter dollars for uberPOOL rides, if their employer provides a commuter program. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Talk to your HR team or contact your benefits provider to see if your company offers commuter benefits
  2. Ask whether your benefit plan offers an eligible commuter debit card. Examples of this include the WageWorks Visa Prepaid Commuter Card, eTRAC Prepaid Mastercard, GoNavia Transit Benefit Card and MyAmeriflex Mastercard.
  3. Add your commuter debit or prepaid card to your payment profile in the Uber app.
  4. You’re now ready to ride. Make sure you request an uberPOOL and ensure that you are paying from your commuter card.

Keep in mind: The IRS sets the maximum limit for pre-tax transit commuting benefits. The maximum monthly contribution is $255 for 2017.

Also, your company is covering your public transportation, not a private car, so riders who request uberPOOL using their commuter benefits card will only be connected to drivers with full-size, shared-ride vehicles.

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