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The Uber Gift Card Is the Last Minute Gift Everybody Wants

* Delivered to recipient digitally in minutes
* Load it up from $10 to $500
* Works for Uber and UberEATS

Getting someone a gift card to CVS seems like a cop out. You obviously picked it up last minute, and probably only when you were out grabbing a pack of gum or picking up your allergy meds. Getting someone an Uber gift card though, shows that you put some time and thought into finding something useful and appreciated (even if you didn’t).

Uber has made it super easy to send gift cards this season. Head over to and put anything from $10 to $500 on a digital card. Your receipients will receive a personalized email from you along with an unique gift code that they can redeem in their Uber app.

The best part: the gift cards work in more than 500 cities in the United States, with no expiration date or fees. It can also be used for both Uber rides and UberEATS orders. So even if your friend takes a bike or subway to work, he or she can still redeem their Uber code for free food.

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