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Skip Traffic With the Yukon Trails Outback Electric Mountain Bike

Avoid traffic and chaotic gas prices by hopping on a Yukon Trails Outback Electric Mountain Bike. Ditch the car, this shiny red motorized cruiser will get to where you need to go in style. The bike can muster speeds up to 15 mph and has a maximum range of 28 miles per charge.

Easy to operate, the Yukon Trails Outback is the perfect vehicle to get around town. The electric bike’s 250W/24V brushless motor; a fast, efficient motor that will get you to your destination in record timing. The controller, or the feature that channels power to the motor, has a 24V high speed sensor pedal assisted system to boot.

The bike’s 24-inch wheels make it easy for people of all sizes to hop and off. The drum break will keep riders from gliding too fast down hills, and the rear breaks will come to a strong stop on any terrain. Cyclists who are wary of gears need not to worry as the single-speed makes this electric bike easy to ride without constantly switching gears.

Ideal for commuters, the electric bike has a chain guard to protect your pants from black grease. The back rack is perfect for backpacks or grocery bags as it can hold around 40 pounds.

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