5 How-To Hacks to Keep Your High-End Laptop in The Best Condition

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* How to maintain a squeaky-clean laptop 
* Keep dust and dirt away from your high-end computer
* From key cleaners to microfiber screen wipers 

There are actual sanitizer devices for your smartphone to keep them germ and dirt-free, but, there isn’t yet a way to completely de-sanitize your high-end laptop or home computer. So, we rounded up five ways to mitigate the mess that can happen around and on your precious tech, so, you can protect your expensive screens and ensure they look like they came fresh out of the box. Germs and sticky fingerprints are inevitable, but there are proper ways to store your laptop and save it from major accidents like spilled water bottles in your bag or annoying streaky screens.

From microfiber keyboard protectors to water-resistant cases and dust removers for pesky dirt particles, here are five hacks to removing greasy fingerprints and maintaining a streak-free screen to ensure your laptop lives on for years to come.

1. Microfiber Cloth to Protect Screen and Keyboard

I found this alternative to a screen protector that traditionally sticks on to your laptop screen because this one doesn’t take away from the clarity and resolution that your pricy MacBook or PC was designed with. ShaggyMax makes these microfiber clothes that you place over your keyboard when not in use to minimize dirty keys from transposing their grime onto the screen itself. This way you can view your screen fingerprint-free and then use the cloth to wipe down any crumbs or collected debris on your laptop.

ShaggyMax Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon

2. Water Repellent Neoprene Case

I wish I would have had this water-repellant laptop bag years ago when I lost my laptop to a tragic—and unplanned—waterboarding event. If I had had this zippered neoprene case that is meant to repel water and liquids upon contact, then I would not have had to replace my computer. The super soft interior of the bag protects tech from bumps and knicks during transportation and it also comes with a smaller case to carry cords, chargers and cables without tangling or exposing them to the elements. Make sure to order the right size case for your particular computer.

Mosiso Neoprene Sleeve and Case Courtesy of Amazon

3. Soft-Bristled Cleaning Brush for Dust Removal

It is inevitable that you will get dust, crumbs and dirt into the keyboard, ports and small crevices on your computer. We recommend picking up one of these soft-bristled cleaning brushes that can be used on various pieces of technology, including digital cameras, that gently cleans out your devices from pesky particles. Simply dust your keyboard and cable ports a few times a week to keep things tidy on your desktop or laptop, and when not using the brush, the bristled tip retracts into the pen it is housed in for clean storage.

Electronics Cleaning Brush Courtesy of Amazon

4. Alcohol Wipes For a Streak-Free Screen Cleaner

My secret weapon to cleaning greasy and streaky computer screens? These alcohol wipes from Zeiss that are designed for eyewear to remove fingerprints, dirt and natures elements without scratching or stripping your lenses or screens from their delicate coatings. These wipes can be used on keyboards, retina computer screens and really the entire device to keep it looking like its always fresh out of the box. The individually packaged wipes are ideal for travelers who need a quick clean on the road.

Zeiss Alcohol Wipes Courtesy of Amazon

5. Mini Air Duster Cans to Remove Dust & Dirt

For a more powerful dust cleaning device, check out these mini air cans that shoot a powerful stream of air onto keys in order o remove buried particles unseen by the naked eye. These travel-sized cans are great to stash at the office and in your travel bag as they are compact but mighty powerful. This is a more professional way to clean your laptop and can blast away any annoying dirt that lingers between keys and on other tech devices as well, like printers and telephones.

air duster for cleaning Courtesy of Amazon