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The Best Bathroom Cleaners for Your Shiniest Bathroom Yet

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t exactly our favorite household chore, but it sure is a necessary one. Especially these days with so many infections, RSV and new strands of COVID to worry about. Thankfully, there are a ton of cleaning products out there designed to make the task an easier one so that you can make that bathroom as shiny as possible and then be on your merry way.

After all, we’ve all got better things to do than spend an afternoon cleaning the bathroom, right? Read on to know everything there is to know about cleaning the bathroom, as well as a list of all the best bathroom cleaners for your easiest bathroom clean yet.

How Often Should You Clean the Bathroom?

According to the American Cleaning Institute, how often you should clean your bathroom depends on how often you use it. Director of Digital Communications Jessica Ek reveals those who do a frequent light cleaning, such as using the shower daily or wiping down the sink, won’t need to deep clean as frequently.

“In general, frequently-touched surfaces, like faucet handles, should be cleaned every 1-3 days,” she says. “Toilets and sinks should be cleaned at least weekly and the bathtub or shower and floor every 1-2 weeks.”

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It’s also a good idea to increase that frequency if someone in the house is sick, further eliminating any lingering germs. And, don’t wait until a bathroom looks dirty to tackle it, as harmful germs can still exist even if an area looks clean to the naked eye.

What’s the Best Way to Clean the Bathroom?

Ek says it’s important to have a plan before tackling the bathroom, and the American Cleaning Institute recommends cleaning from top to bottom, area-to-area. “Clean the mirror before the counters and sink. Clean the tiling on the wall before moving down to the tub or shower drain,” she adds. “Mop the floor last. Apply any product that needs time to work and come back to it instead of starting to clean that area immediately. It will make your job a lot easier.”

How Clean Should a Bathroom Smell?

According to a recent survey, 31% of respondents definitely felt safer from germs in restrooms if they smelled clean and disinfected. Ek adds that smell is an indicator of cleanliness, but in general, “So long as any malodors have been removed and the surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected appropriately, it doesn’t have to smell like anything. This is often a matter of personal preference.”

Are All Cleaners Created Equal?

Who doesn’t love an all-in-one product? Sure, different cleaners are formulated for different tasks, but according to the American Cleaning Institute, an all-purpose cleaner generally covers a lot of ground in the bathroom. You may want to consider a glass cleaner for the mirror so that it doesn’t leave streaks, however, and a tile cleaner will be better at cutting through mildew and soap scum on tiles and grout. As for a toilet bowl cleaner? That has a very specific function and should not be used to clean any other surfaces, Ek advises.

Can You Mix Cleaning Agents?

That’s a hard no. “These products are designed to be used on their own and are tested to be safe when used as intended,” says Ek. “Mixing something like bleach and ammonia can create a toxic gas, so it’s very important to use cleaning products according to the instructions on the product label.”

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This multi-surface spray cleaner works well on a variety of areas, from counters and walls to the outside of the toilet, tiles or shower faucets. We also love that it’s cruelty-free and has a refreshing lemon scent, which makes it a great pick for those who don’t love the harsh, chemical smell that other cleaners sometimes leave behind.

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This acid-free formula is designed for deep-grout cleaning, effectively eliminating soap scum, grease, dirt and other grossness from your bathroom. It’s safe for both white and tinted grout, and won’t bleach out any color.

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This bottle comes with a pointed nozzle that helps you reach all of the toilet bowl’s crevices, killing 99.9% of germs in the process. The gel formula is specifically designed to cut through tough stains and any extra grossness, resulting in a clean and new-looking bowl after each and every clean.

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This fast-acting spray targets gross grime, black mold and mildew that accumulates on shower curtains, on grout and in between bathroom tiles. It also cuts down on scrubbing time, which we’re always a fan of.

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Keep glass, ceramic tile, chrome, plastic and other bathroom surfaces free of gross soap scum with this targeted formula, which also works on fiberglass, stone and porcelain. This best bathroom cleaner also gets bonus points for being fragrance- and bleach-free.

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The best glass cleaner that you probably already use for windows and mirrors around your house is also the one we love most in the bathroom. Not only does it leave a streak-free shine that eliminates splatters, fingerprints and smudges, but the bottle is also made of recycled plastic collected within 30 miles of an ocean or waterway leading to an ocean.

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Sometimes you don’t have the time (or willpower) to clean the entire bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a quick wipe down. Enter these disinfecting wipes, which eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria.

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Sometimes you just need that extra little cleaning oomph to get rid of residue, stains, scuffs or scratches. That’s why we always have a couple of these magic erasers on-hand — they really are magic.

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If you want to keep the toilet bowl fresh in between cleanings (therefore cutting down on scrubbing time come actual cleaning day), these stamps are a good bet. Stamp one under the lid for an automatic clean with each flush. Each stamp lasts up to 12 days, and with 24 included gel stamps, you’re covered for about a month and a half.

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Humans shed; it’s a fact of life. So odds are you’ve got a clogged drain in the bathroom that needs some TLC the next time you get scrubbing. Enter good old-fashioned Drano, which is always handy to have in the closet. Pour it through standing water to bust through soap scum, hair and other blockages, keeping those pipes nice and free-flowing.

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