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Keep Your Keys (and the Space Between Them) Clean With These Amazing Keyboard Cleaning Gels

On top of handwashing, it’s important to regularly disinfect the surfaces you come into contact with every day. That includes surfaces like doorknobs and light switches, but those pale in comparison with how often we touch personal electronics like phones, laptops and desktop computers.

There are cleaning sprays out there specifically designed to clean phone screens without messing with the oleophobic coating that most phones have. And you can wipe down hard surfaces with disinfecting wipes. But cleaning the keyboard on a desktop computer can sometimes present more of a challenge. While you can usually wipe down the tops of the keys with a cleaning wipe, getting between the keys can be more difficult.

We’ve all been in that situation where you drop a crumb between two keys and have to go digging for it with the edge of a post-it note, only to push the crumb deeper into the crevasse. One of our favorite solutions also happens to be one of the most fun — keyboard cleaning gel. It’s basically a slime that a kid might play with, except it’s used to clean messes, not create them.

The two main properties of this gel are stickiness and stretchiness — by gently pressing the gel into hard to reach places, it picks up whatever dry debris is down there, whether that’s dust or crumbs. They’re designed to be reused until the gel darkens and is no longer sticky. Besides your keyboard, these gel cleaners are a great option for use in your car. You can clean air vents and cup holders, for example. We’ve picked out a few cleaning gels that you can buy right now. Take a look below.

1. ColorCoral Cleaning Gel

Most of the cleaning gels come in a blue color, but this option has a unique yellow color. It also has a fresh lemon scent, providing a clean feeling in addition to dust and grime removal. The gel comes in a closeable tin, and it’s designed to be reused until the color darkens and it no longer grips.

Pros: Unique yellow color. Fresh lemon scent. Comes in a closeable container.

Cons: Like other options, it’s not designed to be cleaned.

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2. TICARVE Cleaning Gel

This option from Ticarve is specifically marketed as a car cleaning gel, but it works just as well for other surfaces like keyboards and other hard to reach spots. It comes in a closeable box, and can be reused several times before needing to be disposed of. Like other options, it’s not designed to be washed or cleaned. This gel is made from a biodegradable material and has a gentle lavender scent.

Pros: Gentle lavender scent. Made from biodegradable materials. Good for cars vents,  keyboards, or other hard to reach areas.

Cons: Can lose effectiveness after first use.

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3. Cleaning Gel Colorcoral (5 Pack)

Since these gels are not designed to be cleaned and reused for extended periods, it can be a good idea to stock up on a few. This cleaning gel is a good bulk option. Five cleaning gels are included. This option has a gentle lavender fragrance, and is designed to not irritate skin or leave a residue on surfaces.

Pros: Five pack of gels. Lavender scent.

Cons: Unlike the single pack options, these gels don’t come in the convenient closing tubs, but rather a sealable plastic sleeve.

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