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One Bottle To Rule Them All: The Best Multipurpose Sprays For Household Cleaning

Spending time cleaning is a pain, but spending a lot of money on cleaning products is even worse. When it comes to cleaning, efficiency is key and that means having a multipurpose spray that can tackle the kitchen, the bathroom and everything in between.

Whether you want a product that is safe for use around kids and pets or one that won’t strip your counters and tables of their finishes, these multipurpose sprays can do it all. It’s good to be well-rounded.

From plant-based options to name brands, we’ve rounded up a handful of helpful and powerful multipurpose cleaning sprays to help you tackle any mess in any room of the house. No, you no longer have to wait for spring to do your yearly “spring cleaning.” From where we’re sitting, it makes sense to arm yourself with one of the best multipurpose cleaning sprays and attack any gunk and grime head on!

So regardless of what you plan on cleaning, from bathrooms to bedrooms, kitchens to patios, we’ve got the best multipurpose cleaning spray for you. And best of all? Every multipurpose cleaning spray on our list comes in a ready-to-use bottle, so you can get right down to business as soon as your spray bottle arrives.

1. Trinova Natural All-Purpose Organic Cleaner

The Trinova Natural All-Purpose Organic Cleaner works in every room of the house, with the spray safe for glass, toilets, floors, countertops and more. With a white tea and thyme scent, the cleaner also comes with a microfiber towel to cut down on paper towel waste. While most cleaners will stick you with the boring scent of citrus, you can clean and freshen up your home all at once thanks to this cleaner.

Pros: Clean, unique scent. Comes with two bottles and a towel.

Cons: Not as great on heavy grease or dried food.

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2. Puracy All Purpose Cleaner

It can sometimes be hard to find an all-purpose cleaner that is truly all-purpose. And though this cleaner from Puracy isn’t perfect, it’s quite close. Whether you’re cleaning your kitchen table or sprucing up and old and forgotten watch, you can count on this cleaner to get the job done without damaging a thing. We like that it comes in a set of two 25oz  bottles, allowing us to keep one under the sink and one the cupboard just in case.

Pros: Works fine on most surfaces, from steel and stone to vinyl and countertops.

Cons: Won’t work on fabrics.

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3. Mr. Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist

When the bathtub scum and soap scum are gumming up your bathroom, you sometimes have to turn to the toughest options at your disposal. In those times, reach for Mr. Clean. We like that this listing includes one bottle along with a refill, which makes it great for stocking up for future use. Also, the bottle itself is much more advanced than other options on our list, allowing users to ability to better control their spray.

Pros: Spray bottle capable of three different types of bursts to help you maximize cleaning ability.

Cons: May be too tough for sensitive for certain surfaces or jewelry.

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4. Aunt Fannie’s All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar

Between Mr. Clean, Mrs. Meyer’s and Aunt Fannie, we have quite the family of cleaning options for you to pick from. But if you want to use the power of vinegar in your cleaning routine, Aunt Fannie is your one and only. Using vinegar and essential oils to clean, you can leave your worries about toxic chemicals behind. But just because Aunt Fannie makes this cleaner with natural ingredients doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Whether you’re attacking grime, dishes or rust, this cleaner will put in the extra effort when you need it.

Pros: Safe for kids and pets. Comes in a handful of different scents and sizing options.

Cons: Vinegar scent may be too strong for some.

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5. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Created by two dads that wanted to prove cleaning power could come from natural sources, Better Life’s multipurpose cleaner means serious business. If you find yourself constantly coming across tough grime and muck, but you don’t want to sacrifice the planet to get rid of it, reach for a bottle of Better Life. Though it comes in a few flavors, we’ve selected the Clary Sage & Citrus variety. Though powerful, this all-purpose cleaner is safe to use around children and pets.

Pros: Alcohol-free, plant-based cleaner that will work on just about any surface. Pleasing scent.

Cons: Better Life offers a Household Essentials Kit that works well with this cleaner, but it must be purchased separately.

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