The Best Clothes Steamers To Get Those Wrinkles Out Once and For All

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No matter whether you’re attending a business meeting, getting together with friends or heading out on a first date, wearing wrinkle-free, creaseless clothing makes you look more professional and more attractive. However, most people mistakenly believe that getting wrinkles out of clothing requires a trip to the dry cleaner or too much time wasted on an ironing board. But those people don’t realize how simple and easy steaming is. The best clothes steamers make it easy to get rid of wrinkles in a matter of minutes.

By cutting out the need for an ironing board or a trip to the laundromat, the best clothes steamers offer a convenient, quick and easy way to remove all the wrinkles and crinkles in your clothing. This versatile method also works on almost all fabric types, meaning you don’t run the risk of damaging your apparel. 

Steamers also come in designs that are handy for at-home or on-the-go use. The right choice of steamer for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. In general, clothes steamers come in two popular designs: affordable handheld steamers and standing steamers, which are more common in commercial settings.

The Best Standing Steamers

These two-part steamers tend to sport a more traditional appearance. The water tank is usually found in a floor-mounted housing, allowing them to hold a much greater quantity of water. This means your steaming sessions can last much longer than sessions using smaller capacity steamers. From the base, you’ll find a long hose and nozzle head which is used for precision steaming. These larger devices are ideal for users looking to steam at home or for some types of commercial use.

The Best Handheld Clothes Steamers

While their smaller size does limit their water capacity, the benefits of having a handheld device include a greater freedom of movement during use and, most importantly, portability. Smaller, handheld steamers are ideal for business people and travelers who need to steam away from home. Their small size means, on the whole, they heat up quickly, making them handy for quick fixes or last-minute emergencies. 

Below, we’ve selected the best clothes steamers that meet all your needs, from de-wrinkling a work shirt on your way out the door to steaming crinkled curtains. So say goodbye to ironing and trips to the dry cleaner, and enjoy crease and wrinkle-free clothing every time you leave your home.

1. Polardo Handheld Iron Steamer

The Polardo Handheld Iron Steamer ticks all the right boxes. It sports a design which is both compact and lightweight, making it ideal for use at home or on the go. It’s also capable of reaching steaming temperatures in as little as 25 seconds and boasts a four-ounce water tank which allows for up to 10 minutes of continuous clothes steaming after every fill. The steamer’s versatility means you can steam your clothes at any angle, including vertically and horizontally, and you can use the steamer to clean, disinfect and sanitize mattresses, pillows and other household material items.

PROS: The quick heating time means this steamer is ideal for anyone who often finds themselves tight for time.

CONS: Because of its travel-friendly size, the water capacity is less than that of other devices made for home use only.

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2. PurSteam Garment Steamer

This multi-functional steamer makes steaming several clothes in a row a quick and simple task. Its large water tank and collapsible/adjustable hanger makes steaming everything from a suit jacket to a ballet costume easier. Half of the dilemma of steaming is trying to find a place to hang your clothes while you steam them, but this steamer eliminates that issue. It also comes with clothing clips, a steam board and a crease attachment which helps to remove the wrinkles from tricky spots, like the collar of a dress shirt.

PROS: The included hanger gives you a convenient place to hang your clothes as you steam them.

CONS: With its large water tank and upright pole, this larger-than-average steamer takes up more space when stored.

best clothes steamers pursteam heavy duty Image courtesy of Amazon

3. OGHom Steamer

The OGHome Steamer is another handheld steamer option. It boasts a 240ml capacity reservoir which can deliver up to 15 minutes of continuous steaming from every fill. The lightweight and compact design makes it an ideal choice for business people who need a steamer at home and while away. You’ll also find a unique stainless steel heating panel which prolongs the life of the device and prevents rust and oxidation. Furthermore, the nine-foot cord provides plenty of freedom to remove wrinkles from a range of fabrics, including clothes and furniture.

PROS: The large, 240ml water reservoir provides an impressive 15 minutes of continuous steaming. The device is lightweight and easy to carry.

CONS: Even though it is nine-feet long, this steamer is still limited by its cord.

best clothes steamers oghom Image courtesy of Amazon

4. PurSteam Handheld Garment Steamer

The PurSteam Handheld Garment Steamer’s compact size makes it the perfect travel buddy. It can easily fit into a suitcase and be taken from one place to another without any hassle. This tiny but mighty powerful handheld steamer heats up in 90 seconds. Its ultra-fast heat aluminum technology means it’s able to de-wrinkle any fabric easily and quickly. It’s also lightweight, weighing less than two pounds, which allows you to steam bigger pieces of fabric without your arm getting tired.

PROS: The device’s light construction lets you steam for longer periods without getting tired.

CONS: Steaming with this device can only be done in certain orientations which may limit your abilities compared to some other devices.

best clothes steamers pursteam garment Image courtesy of Amazon

5. BEAUTURAL Handheld Steamer

With a heat up time of only 30 seconds, the BEAUTURAL Handheld Steamer is one of the fastest heating steamers available. The quick heat-up time and 260ml tank, which provides 15 minutes of continuous steaming, means this is a great option for anyone who often finds themselves in need of high-speed steaming. You can also use the steamer in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The device works to clear dust, remove creases or get rid of lint by using all three of the included attachments, namely a fabric brush, a creaser, and a lint brush. Furthermore, it includes an auto-off function and can be used on a number of different fabrics, including silk, cotton, linen and nylon.

PROS: The 30-second heat up time is hard to beat, making this a great choice for anyone in a rush.

CONS: Compared to other options, this handheld steamer’s appearance is less attractive.

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6. Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer heats up in 45 seconds and holds up to 40 ounces of water which allows you to steam several garments without the worry of having to refill the tank. The detachable telescopic pole provides a convenient hanging place for your clothes while you’re steaming them. If you’re steaming a long pair of pants, this steamer allows you to adjust the pole to the appropriate length. It also comes with an attachable fabric brush that brushes away any lint or hair. This steamer’s powerful steam will de-wrinkle your clothes while also getting rid of any dust mites and allergens left on the fabric.

PROS: The large-capacity water tank ensures you have plenty of steam for treating tens of garments in a single session.

CONS: Due to its upright design, this at-home steamer is not the right choice for those who travel.

best clothes steamers steamfast fabric Image courtesy of Amazon

7. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

With it’s impressive 2.84-liter water tank, the J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer delivers up to 1.5 hours of continuous steaming per fill. Like all of the best clothes steamers, this product is ideal for both households and commercial enterprises who want to steam clothing, remove wallpaper, steam bedding and de-wrinkle table linens. The USA-made device is constructed from high-impact plastic for durability. Furthermore, it boasts a quick heat-up time, an automatic shut-off and built-in wheels for additional convenience.

PROS: The large water tank provides up to 1.5 hours of continuous steaming per fill.

CONS: While the stand does include a loop to hang clothes from, you will need to provide your own hanger.

best clothes steamers jiffy steamer Image courtesy of Amazon

8. PurSteam Professional Series Garment Steamer

The PurSteam Professional Series Garment Steamer lets you steam your clothes at any height or angle. It sports a built-in, tiltable ironing board, a rotating steam nozzle along with adjustable legs, allowing you to create the most comfortable steaming position possible. The device is ready to steam in as little as 45 seconds and features a two-liter tank that provides up to 45 minutes of continuous steaming and includes a burn prevention safety cap to stop you from opening the tank when it’s too hot.

PROS: The adjustable legs and built-in ironing board ensure you can steam your clothes in the most comfortable position for you.

CONS: With its large water tank and built-in ironing board, storing this steamer is less convenient than smaller models and handheld options.

best clothes steamers pursteam professional series Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Magictec Portable Garment Steamer

If you’re looking for a commercial clothes steamer that is designed for portability, consider the Magictec Portable Travel Garment Steamer. It’s a versatile device that can be used to remove wrinkles from clothes, clean, sterilize and sanitize all kinds of fabrics, including nylon, blends, cotton, polyester and other fabrics. The compact and lightweight design easily fits inside your suitcase, and when switched on, it can heat up in as little as 60 seconds. Furthermore, the 180ml reservoir supplies the device with up to nine minutes of constant steam.

PROS: The compact and lightweight device was designed for people who need a travel-ready steamer.

CONS: As it’s built for travel, this compact device’s capacity and size pale in comparison to some of the at-home options.

best clothes steamers magictec portable Image courtesy of Amazon