Cut the Cord — These Cordless Vacuums Give You the Freedom to Clean Wherever You Want

best cordless vacuum
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Of all the chores around the home I have to say, vacuuming is my favorite. Vacuums come in many forms and they all provide the same cathartic cleaning experiences — from leaf vacuums to stick and even robot vacuums. There’s something so satisfying about running a strong vacuum over your rug and hearing that crinkle sound of dust, dirt and grime being sucked up into oblivion. Be gone crumbs — be gone! The one part about vacuuming that’s a tad annoying? The cord. You’ve got to navigate around your apartment to every nook and cranny with a cord in your hand. Unless, you opt for a cordless vacuum — which we highly recommend.

These handy machines give you all the perks of a strong, trusty vacuum without the pesky cord getting in the way. Free yourself and your inner cleaning nerd to hit every corner without abandon simply on battery power. Technology has advanced to give us the vacuuming experience of our dreams and it’s time to indulge. These machines are built to attach hardwood floors, carpet, dog-hair-covered sofas and even the darkest corners in your vehicle. Accidentally running over the cord with the vacuum is a tale of the past — once you cut the cord you’ll never go back. Here are the best cordless vacuums for leveling up your cleaning game in 2021.

1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


It shouldn’t be a surprise that a Dyson has taken the top spot on this list — they’re masters in the art of suction and fine tune their machines more than almost any other brand. This cordless vacuum comes with a soft roller cleaner head for protecting hard floors and a motorized cleaner head for carpets. This direct-drive cleaner head removes ground-in dirt and the soft head is engineered with softer woven nylon with anti-static carbon fiber. The vacuum can quickly transform into a handheld and back again in one simple click, and it has no-touch bin emptying. It charges via a wall mounted charging doc so it’s ready whenever you’re ready to clean.

Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Dyson


2. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


If you’re not looking to spend major bucks on a cleaning device this cordless is available from MOOSOO for less than $160 and comes with a 4-stage HEPA air filtration system. The built-in brushless motor has two different power modes and the main body is lightweight and versatile weighing in at 2.84lbs. The vacuum head also has built-in LED lights and is built for optimal multi-surface cleaning. It comes with a stretchable hose attachment for hard-to-reach places and has a mini motorized head for use in small spaces.

MOOSOO cordless vacuum, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Amazon


3. MOOSOO 4-in-1 Cordless Vacuum


This MOOSOO has great reviews on Amazon and 4-in-1 functionality with a floor brush and dusting brush included in the accessories. The long-lasting battery can go for about a half hour on one charge, and it has a HEPA air filtration system built in that removes 99.99% of microscopic dust particles from the air. This vacuum is excellent for those with allergies or apartments prone to dust. It has two adjustable modes that maximize potential battery life and the machine only weighs slightly more than the Dyson at 3.3lbs so it’s easy to carry anywhere.

MOOSOO 4-in-1 cordless vacuum, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Amazon


4. Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum


This Shark cordless vacuum costs less than $120 and has much of the same functionality as more expensive models. The dust cup capacity is 0.64 quarts and it’s built powerful at picking up pet hair around your home. It has swivel steering which makes it easy to maneuver and two different speed settings, each optimized for carpet or bare floor depending on what you’re cleaning. The dust cup is built extra large and easy to dump between uses.

shark cordless vacuum, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Amazon


5. Dyson V11 Torque Drive


Alright, this is an expensive cordless vacuum option, clocking in at just under $700, however it’s got some impressive functionality worth highlighting. It comes with a variety of tools and vacuum brush heads including a high torque cleaner head, a mini motorized tool, a crevice tool for hard-to-reach corners, a stubborn dirt brush and a mini soft dusting brush. A powerful motor spins the brush bar 60 times a second making it tough on grime on both hardwood floors and carpet. The vacuum monitors its system performance 8,000 times per second and updates you in real time about any issues. It has auto cleaning modes depending on the task and “point and shoot” hygienic bin emptying as well.

Dyson V11 torque drive vacuum cleaner, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Dyson


6. INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


This cordless vacuum cleaner from INSE has a powerful 250W brushless digital motor with over 120,000rpm capability at MAX Mode. With 10 different brush head combinations it’s great for cleaning up pet hair and debris anywhere in your home. It’s lightweight at 3.3lbs making it great for one-handed cleaning if need be, and the motorized LED floor head swivels 180° sideways and 90° up and down making it easy to clean under couches and beds. This vacuum also has a 5-stage HEPA air filtration system and, most importantly, it runs for 45 minutes giving it one of the longest-lasting batteries we’ve seen.

INSE cordless vacuum, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Amazon


7. BLACK + DECKER Handheld Cordless Vacuum


Vacuuming the car creates all sorts of hurdles you have to jump through. It can be difficult to maneuver a full stick vacuum the same way in a vehicle, and if you’re trying to get a cord to reach between those seats? Forget about it. This handheld dust buster makes it easy to rid your backseat of the crumbs, dirt and the other grime that inevitably gathers. It has a lithium ion battery that can hold its charge for up to 18 months and has 15.2 AW suction power built in. The cyclonic action of the suction keeps the filter clean and it has a rotating slim nozzle that can dig between seats easily, and is simple to clean.

black + decker cordless vacuum, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Amazon


8. ONSON Cordless Stick Vacuum


This cordless vacuum from ONSON has a V-shaped brush that’s designed to clean carpets and floors more efficiently than other models. The angle allows it to avoid hair tangles and clogs as it cleans and it has lights up top that can reveal debris in dark corners under beds, couches and bookshelves. The battery lasts for 32 minutes on a single charge and the 120W high-efficiency motor comes with two different modes that can meet cleaning demands across hardwood floors, tile, carpet, etc. The four-layer high-efficiency filtration system is built to collect 99.99% of fine dust particles and the filter is washable and recyclable.

ONSON cordless vacuum, best cordless vacuum Courtesy of Amazon