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Deep Cleaning Your House? Dish Washing Gloves Can Prevent Dry Skin

If you’ve ever done a deep cleaning of your home, you know how nice it can feel to finally get everything clean. But, if you’ve done all that scrubbing, you’ll know cleaning isn’t without its complications. Namely: dry and cracked skin. Fortunately, a quality pair of dish washing gloves can keep your skin soft through your weekly cleaning marathon.

While dish washing gloves might seem like a standard purchases, there are more nuances than you realize. You’ll want to check off a few boxes before you commit to a pair. First, look for a pair of gloves that fits your hands. No one likes floppy gloves while cleaning. You should also look for gloves that have some sort of lining on the inside. This layer will keep your hands comfortable and provide an extra barrier for your skin.

It’s also important to check for materials like latex if you have any allergies. Vinyl dish washing gloves are generally a safe bet. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to pick out a color you like.

We swept the web and found some of the best dish washing gloves for all your cleaning needs. Check them out below.


1. Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves

Elgood’s dish washing gloves are 13 inches long and extend up the arm. The product features a non-slip design on the palm, so you can easily grip dishes and cleaning supplies. The latex-free vinyl protects the skin from hot water and cleaning products. These gloves are available in size medium and large, and come in either purple or blue.

Pros: These gloves have a cotton lining, which prevents the sticky feeling on your hands while wearing them. The material is completely latex-free and allergy-friendly.

Cons: The gloves may get a musty smell if any moisture gets inside. It’s also possible that the product will shrink over time.

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2. HSL Cleaning Dishwashing Gloves

These dish washing and cleaning gloves are available in two colors and are 12 inches long. The product includes non-slip ridges along the entire palm and fingers, so you can easily handle wet dishes. The inner cotton lining is soft on your hands and absorbs sweat to prevent moisture buildup. Keep in mind that these gloves are on the thinner side.

Pros: The non-slip grip covers a significant portion of the glove. They are also truly waterproof.

Cons: The thin material may not protect your skin from hot water. The gloves can also tear easily, especially if you use metal scrubbers.

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3. Tusko Products Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Tusko Products’ cleaning gloves are made with durable rubber that holds up to most household cleaning products. This product is free of vinyl and latex, and the inner flock lining is odor resistant. So, you won’t have to deal with that musty smell if the inner lining does get wet. These gloves have grips on the palms and are available in four sizes.

Pros: The rubber material is resistant to tears, so they can work well for outdoor cleaning too. This material is waterproof.

Cons: The gloves may fit loosely around the wrists and fingers. The grip isn’t as strong as some other gloves.

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4. Casabella Waterblock Gloves

Made with a patented Waterblock technology, these gloves are a great option for washing dishes. This product is made with latex and includes a cotton flocking on the inside. The double cuff prevents drips from leaking inside the glove, so your hands stay dry. Available in three sizes, the gloves also feature a grip pattern.

Pros: These gloves can last through months of wear and tear. The double cuff is a great feature, especially if you’re using the gloves mostly for washing dishes.

Cons: These gloves run small, so you might want to size up. The product is only available in a bright pink color.

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