The Best Electric Scrubbers for a Cleaner Kitchen and Bathroom

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It wasn’t so long ago that the most important tool for cleaning your home was elbow grease. But these days, high-tech devices and fast-acting sprays mean that keeping your home clean can be as easy as lifting your legs to let the robot vacuum go by.

One of the best tools to streamline your home cleaning routine is an electric scrubber. Power scrubbers come in various sizes and often have replaceable heads. They’re versatile and can be used for different household tasks, ranging from cleaning the bathroom floor to breaking up caked-on food on your dishes (as long as you don’t use the same scrub head for both tasks).

In addition to interchangeable scrub heads, the scrubbers themselves often come in different sizes. Some are small, hand-held devices for working close to the surface, and others have long mop-like arms that make them effective at scrubbing hard to reach spaces.

Another factor to consider is the battery. Many of the best electric scrubbers use a lithium-ion battery, allowing them to be recharged using a wall outlet or even a USB plug. We’ve rounded up some of the best electric scrubbers for effortless and effective household cleaning.

1. Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool

This handy electric scrubber is about palm-sized, making it a great option for tackling a variety of tasks. What makes it even more versatile are the interchangeable heads that come with the scrubber. There’s an eraser pad, a non-scratch pad, a heavy-duty pad and a bristle brush, meaning that this tiny tool can clean your entire house.

Pros: Compact handheld option with multiple brushes included. Easy USB charging.

Cons: Battery drains somewhat quickly.

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2. BLACK+DECKER Grimebuster Scrubber Brush

Black + Decker is a top power tool brand, and they’ve brought their expertise to home cleaning as well. This handy scrubber is designed to be used around the kitchen, and it can be used to clean stovetops and cookware. In addition to the bristle brush, there’s a scrub pad. The scrubber has a compact, space-saving design, and it comes with a convenient charging stand.

Pros: Comes with a convenient space-saving charging stand. Includes a replaceable head.

Cons: Could have stronger torque.

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3. MECO Electric Spin Scrubber

This handheld scrubber has an extended neck for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces, and it helps reduce the need to bend down or reach up while cleaning. The curved grip handle makes it easy to hold with your entire hand, and several bristle brushes are included with the scrubber. There’s a round brush, a flat brush and a pointed-tip bristle brush. That makes this scrubber a good option for multiple rooms in the house.

Pros: Sleek design with an extended neck for easier reaching. Lightweight and comfortable to hold. Three bristle heads included.

Cons: Four-five hour charging time is somewhat long.

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