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Get Your Dirty Clothes off the Floor With a Hanging Laundry Bag

There are lots of places to put your dirty clothes and linens. The floor is not one of them. Neither is the chair in the corner of your bedroom room. The bottom of your gym bag? No. The land of laundry holders is wide and includes plastic bins, collapsible hampers and one of our favorites, hanging laundry bags. Great for over the door, in the closet and around the bedpost or doorknob, hanging laundry baskets get your laundry off the floor and furniture and into one designated space.

Unless you have a washing machine in your bedroom, you’re going to have to carry the laundry from one room to another in your home or even further if you take your clothing and linens to a public laundry mat or a shared machine in your building. The best hanging laundry bags easily come off their hooks and provide a large and lightweight sack for carrying your laundry short and long distances.

For a convenient way to store dirty laundry and save space, check out these versatile hanging laundry bags.

1. Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag

For a space-saving way to store dirty laundry, we recommend the Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag. The cotton-polyester blend canvas laundry bag features a clothing hanger hook that can easily be used with a doorknob or over a clothing rod. The laundry bag is open at the top and features a full zippered back for easy clothing removal. A metal rim around the opening keeps the bag’s shape and can be removed. The bag is available in white and black and measures 27 inches high, 16.25 inches wide, and 6 inches deep.

Pros: Users can wash their Household Essentials laundry bag on a cold water setting.

Cons: The hook can lose shape and bend if too much weight is placed in the bag.

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2. KEEPJOY Hanging Laundry Bag

For a laundry bag that you can take on the go, we recommend the KEEPJOY Hanging Laundry Bag. Designed for use in dorm rooms or by anyone who takes their clothing and linen to laundry mats, the Keepjoy is a laundry bag and backpack in one. The 30-inch x 19.16-inch  bag has a cinch top and two adjustable backpack straps. The bottom of the bag has a zippered opening for easy emptying into a washing machine. The Keepjoy comes with two over-the-door hooks for a space-saving way to keep the laundry bag off the floor when in use. A small front pocket can be used for storing dryer sheets or small items like socks and underwear.

Pros: The Keepjoy is designed to be long-lasting thanks to durable double stitching and tear-resistant, waterproof, high-density oxford fabric.

Cons: The Keepjoy only holds a small load of laundry and the hooks don’t fit all doors.

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3. STORAGE MANIAC 2-Pack Hanging Mesh Laundry Hamper

Sort your lights and darks and hold multiple loads of laundry at once with the STORAGE MANIAC 2-Pack Hanging Mesh Laundry Hamper. Each hamper comes with two stainless steel hooks that fit easily over clothing rods and door handles. The hangers can be removed and the top of the hamper has two fabric handles for easy carrying. The gray polyester hampers have mesh on both sides so that users can easily see what’s in the hamper, making this a great product for storage organization. The hampers include a hard paneled bottom inside to help them keep their shape.

Pros: Hold up to three loads of laundry in each individual hamper, which measures 10 inches x 16.5 inches x 31.5 inches.

Cons: The hampers can be cleaned with a damp cloth but are not safe for the washing machine. The metal hangers included can bend easily and users may have to replace them.

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4. Topline Portable, Self Standing Collapsible Laundry Fabric Hamper

Have the option to hang your laundry bag or leave it sitting on the floor with the two-in-one Topline Portable, Self Standing Collapsible Laundry Fabric Hamper. Two large metal handles make it easy to carry the bag from the bedroom or bathroom to the laundry room. These handles can also be placed over a doorknob to lift the tote off the floor. Made with 600D cotton-polyester blend fabric, the durable, tear-resistant bag is also water-resistant.

Pros: The Topline tote collapses flat for easy storage when not in use.

Cons: The Topline doesn’t have as many hanging options as the other laundry bags on our list.

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