These Leaf Rakes Take the Frustration Out of Yard Work

best leaf rakes
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With fall on the horizon, it’s almost time to say goodbye to long sunny days, warm weather and impromptu cookouts. But it’s not all bad news. Fall has plenty of positives, too, whether it’s the changing colors, apple season, pumpkin spice lattes or everyone’s favorite outdoor task, leaf raking.

While visually, the color of leaves changing from green to various shades of yellow, red and orange is a delight, it does eventually result in them falling. This, of course, leads to the task of leaf collecting. And, to complete the task well, you’re going to need the best leaf rake.

Leaf collecting is an important ‘to do’ for any lawn, and there are a number of reasons why it’s important to stay on top of those leaves around your yard. 

  • Presentation – A lawn of luscious green grass looks a whole lot better than one covered in messy leaves and debris. It’s as simple as that.
  • Grass health – It’s actually important for the health of your grass to rake the leaves. Removing leaves allows the plants underneath to breathe and properly prepare for the winter ahead. Layers of leaves, as well as grass clippings and other debris, deprive grass of oxygen, water and most importantly, sunlight, which is necessary to keep it looking nice and healthy.
  • Exercise – Household chores, such as leaf raking, are a great way to exercise without hitting the gym. You’ll burn more calories than you realize and end up with a leaf-free lawn on the other side of it. 

What is the Best Leaf Raking Technique?

There are a number of effective techniques to minimize the time and effort it takes to clear your yard. From letting all of the leaves fall before you rake to a system of working in rows, your approach can be the difference between a couple of hours and a couple of days of work. It’s also important to ensure you have the right tools, including a leaf rake which is up to the task.

Below you’ll find the best leaf rakes available right now. They include traditional styles, modern approaches, rakes for kids and even an option to attach to your riding lawn mower for minimal raking effort. 


1. Flexrake Flex-Steel Rake Head


Sometimes the classics really are the best. With the Flexrake Flex-Steel Rake Head, this lawn company hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel. The American steel replacement rake head is 19 inches across to provide plenty of width for collecting leaves, grass and soil. It also sports 25 extra-wide tines, which are braced for additional strength and durability to further aid in your everyday garden tasks. Plus, the best feature of this rake head is that it comes without a handle, allowing you to order one that best suits your body or recycle a handle from an older rake at home.

best leaf rakes flexrake Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Ames Collector Series Poly Leaf Rake


This superior leaf rake by Ames features a large poly basket head design that scoops leaves up quicker than ever, thanks to a wider silhouette that collects more leaves at once. A sturdy steel handle is coated with vinyl, while a cushioned end increases comfort and makes the rake more ergonomic. Although they’re plastic, these fan-shaped tines are coated, which increases their durability. A satisfied buyer expands, “the tines are stiff enough that it doesn’t feel flimsy or weak.”

Ames Collector Series Poly Leaf Rake Courtesy of Home Depot

3. Garden Depot Gardening Hand Rake


Although the main area of your garden is likely to be a flat open space, ideal for a large rake, there’s no doubt a few pesky runaways will find themselves in harder to reach places. The Garden Deposit Gardening Hand Rake is the garden gadget you need for getting into said smaller spaces. Each hand rake measures just under 17 inches long and has 11 spaced out metal prongs for capturing debris. Every corner of your lawn will be covered once you own this tool.

garden depot short handle rake Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Camco Collapsible Leaf Rake


This leaf rake from Camco can adapt to suit your needs in all directions. The length of the handle can increase to 60 inches long from 30 inches, and the width of the rake can spread out to 22 inches wide from its minimum of 8.5 inches. It has a bright blue, plastic handle which provides a good grip and is easily spotted if left on the grass. The rake spokes are made from metal, making this piece of equipment a long-lasting tool and enabling you to keep a clean and clear lawn for many years to come.

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camco telescopic rake Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Ergie Systems Leaf Rake


Say goodbye to back pain from raking leaves thanks to the Ergie Systems Leaf Rake’s handle. The bright orange, D-loop handle provides added control when using the rake and also reduces the amount of strain on your back and arms. This makes this rake so much more comfortable to use than traditional leaf rakes. If you’re not a leaf raking champion quite yet or are wanting to complete the job more efficiently, this is a great leaf rake for you.

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ergie systems long handle rake Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Rugg Leaf Scoops


The bright yellow color of these Rugg Leaf Scoops will stand out in your garage or shed, no matter the mess. Once you start raking with this garden tool, you can pull in the leaves from both the left and right as there are two scoops included with every order. This pair of leaf scoops is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, but they will be the brightest and best for leaf collecting.

rugg leaf gloves Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Tierra Garden Kid’s Leaf Rake


Let’s face it, any way to get your kids to do chores without having to bribe them is a good thing. And with this Tierra Garden Kid’s Leaf Rake, they’ll feel like raking is more fun and less of a chore. The rake has been specially designed for kids and sports a 40-inch long handle as well as an attractive and colorful 11-tined head. The durable and high-quality construction make this rake ideal for kids who want to help their parents with the yard work.

best leaf rakes kids Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Corona Fixed Tine Shrub Rake


Being 54 inches long and having an 8-inch head makes this Corona Fixed Tine Shrub Rake perfect for smaller gardens and other tight spaces. It’s ideal for clippings, leaves and general lawn debris and includes a bi-curved design, which helps ensure there’s pressure on all 11 of the rake’s tines during your raking action. Plus, the aluminum handle keeps the rake light while the anti-slip vinyl sleeve ensures you remain in control throughout your afternoon of yard work.

best leaf rakes corona shrub Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Buyplus Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake


If you have family members of all different heights and you take turns doing yard chores, this adjustable telescoping garden leaf rake is the way to go. It can go as small as 24 inches but expand up to 63 inches, whereas most rakes max out at 60. Ensure that your raking experience is as comfortable as possible by adjusting the head with the tight lock switch, which also maximizes storage space. The handle is zinc plated, so it won’t rust even if you leave it outside.

Buyplus Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake Courtesy of Amazon

10. ReLeaf Leaf Scoops


Even though you may look a little bit like some kind of Eco-Wolverine, these ReLeaf Leaf Scoops are perfect for dealing with piles of leaves in the yard. Whether the leaves are wet or dry, these handy gloves put a barrier between your hands and the leaves to make moving them from one place to another a cinch. The protective element also means lifting nettles, weeds and rose bushes isn’t a problem either. The design features handy loops for easy off-the-ground storage.

best leaf rakes hand re-leaf Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Gardenite Leaf Rake


Leaf raking has never been easier than with the Gardenite Leaf Rake. It’s the ideal rake for all strengths, as it’s very lightweight and has both an extendable handle and head. However, because of this, this rake should only be used for leaves and not for any heavier debris. Leave the sticks and stones to your shovel. And, if you aren’t sure you’ll be happy with this rake, Gardenite offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

gardenite traditional rake Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Amazing Rake Leaf Rake


Most leaf rakes will only function as a rake, but this multi-functional design from Amazing Rake will be the rake and grabber you and your lawn need, all in one. Simply rake together your leaves with the claw open, and then grab the pile by closing it. Head over to your garbage bag and release the hold with ease. This gardening tool avoids any need for bending or crouching, so it’s ideal for anyone who’s experienced back pain in the past but wants a clear lawn in the future.

leaf rakes amazing rake Image courtesy of Amazon


13. TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II


Sporting a less familiar design but with impressive reviews from users, the TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II is not just your average rake. The USA-made leaf rake sports a smart design that makes removing leaves from bushes easy by letting the green stems pass through without a problem. The 28 rounded tines have a spring-like action that works differently than your average rake in order to prevent unwanted clogs. Plus, the yellow, 55-inch fiberglass handle keeps you comfortable and in control throughout.

best leaf rakes groundskeeper Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Earthwise Gator Grabber


Snap away at your leaves with the Earthwise Gator Grabber. This dual-action device allows you to fill the mouth with leaves in one quick motion and then release the leaves from its teeth as soon as you press the button. Like most gators, it’s green in color. The device also has rubber handle toppers for a comfortable and confident grip. The telescopic handle design ensures you can grab leaves at all lengths, whether near to you or further away.

leaf rakes earthwise cross collectors Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Earthwise Lawn Sweeper


The Earthwise Lawn Sweeper will help you collect 80% of leaves in just the first rollover. Leaf raking doesn’t get easier than this, as the wheels make the chore a breeze, with very little elbow grease required. For leaf collection, the sweeper has a slightly higher setting, and for grass collection, there is a slightly lower one. Your lawn will be cleaner than ever before with the Earthwise Lawn Sweeper.

leaf rakes earthwise leaf grass collector Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Ohio Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush


Rather than raking up leaves and other yard debris yourself, why not let the Ohio Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush do it for you? This rake/sweeper attaches to the back of your riding lawn mower and collects leaves, cut grass, pine cones and more as you go. The only work you have to do is emptying the collecting bucket when it’s full. This product is manufactured in the United States and also sports a 42-inch wide brush to ensure everything is collected in a single pass.

best leaf rakes sweeper Image courtesy of Amazon


17. Anvil Poly Wood Handle Leaf Rake


For just over $10, this affordable rake is made with a ribbed construction that increases its longevity and makes it more rigid. The varnished wooden handle gives it a sleeker appearance in your shed and backyard, and unlike heavier rakes, it’s much easier to maneuver. Users appreciate the lightweight nature which makes it a breeze to move around and collect leaves, as well as the fact that leaf rake is still sufficiently stiff enough.

Anvil Poly Wood Handle Leaf Rake Courtesy of Home Depot

18. Suncast Poly Double Row Leaf Rake


A rake with a single row of tines can still get the job done, but it takes significantly longer, tiring your arms out more than it needs to. With its oversized 26-inch head, this double row of tines has twice the power of a basic rake. The poly tines bend but don’t break, and the extra flexibility under pressure helps to reduce leaf clogging. Combined with a strong steel handle, quality and speed are priorities, as indicated by several reviews.

Suncast Poly Double Row Leaf Rake Courtesy of Home Depot

19. Vertex Premium Quality USA Leaf Lawn Pick-Up Scoops


Hand rakes offer more precision and versatility, beyond grabbing scoops. But after too much hand-raking, those hands are bound to get sore. Especially if you already suffer from some form of joint pain. These ones by Vertex feature an extended grip, but a couple of buyers do note that they’re better for those with larger hands, depending on the angle that you’re using them from. They allow better grip and control beyond a sweeping motion, and will help you get the job done quicker.

Vertex Premium Quality USA Leaf Lawn Pick-Up Scoops Courtesy of Home Depot

20. Fiskars Leaf Rake


More famously known for their scissors, Fiskars has engineered another durable must-have leaf rake for your home. The hand has a unique teardrop shape that creates a more comfortable grip, while curved tines clear your path of leaves, twigs, and other debris. Plus, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty, so if something does happen, your rake is covered. Some rakes are ideal for shorter people, but this one is tall enough that it may help stop the back pain that taller people experience due to hunching over while raking.

Fiskars Leaf Rake Courtesy of Home Depot

21. Winslow & Ross Artificial Lawn Rake


If your backyard or patio setup contains any form of fake grass, using a regular rake could ravage it beyond repair. Instead, this Winslow & Ross rake for artificial turf gently removes leaves or pet hair without damaging your lawn. Plus, their unique shape makes transferring scoops easier. One buyer says, “They’re angled one way to make it easier to use and empty into a wheelbarrow. ” You can even use it on real grass, but it may be too lightweight for heavy materials.

Winslow & Ross Artificial Lawn Rake Courtesy of Amazon

22. Pool Mate Heavy Duty Plastic Leaf Rake


While lawns require a rake to clear out dead materials that have piled up, getting that debris out of your pool is a little trickier. The heavy-duty leaf rake by Pool Mate can remove all that yucky stuff floating around your pool. Ising a deep-pocket mesh net that easily scoops and has a large capacity. You can also attach it to a pool if necessary. Buyers love the flat and wide front edge, which makes it easier to capture leaves.

Pool Mate Heavy Duty Plastic Leaf Rake Courtesy of Home Depot

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