These Leaf Rakes Take the Frustration Out of Yard Work

best leaf rakes
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With fall on the horizon, it’s almost time to say goodbye to long sunny days, warm weather and impromptu cook outs. But it’s not all bad news. Fall has plenty of positives, too, whether it’s the changing colors, apple season, Halloween or pumpkin spice lattes.

While visually, the color change from green to various shades of yellow, red and orange is a delight, it does eventually result in the falling of leaves, presenting the task of leaf collecting. Though this may sometimes feel like a never ending task, there are actually a number of reasons it’s important to do to stay on top of those leaves around your yard. 

Not only does lawn raking produce a cleaner and tidier appearing lawn, it’s actually important for the health of your grass. Removing leaves allows the plants underneath to breathe and properly prepare for the winter ahead. Layers of leaves, as well as grass clippings and other debris, deprive grass of oxygen, water and most importantly, sunlight, which is necessary to keep it looking nice and healthy.

There are a number of handy techniques to minimize the time and effort of clearing your yard. From letting all of the leaves fall before you rake to a system of working in rows, your approach can be the difference between a couple of hours and a couple of days of work. It’s also important to ensure you have the right tools, including a rake which is up to the task.

Below you’ll find the best rakes available on Amazon. They include traditional styles, modern approaches, rakes for kids and even an option to attach to your riding lawn mower for minimal effort.  

1. Flexrake Flex-Steel Rake Head


Sometimes the classics really are the best. With the Flexrake Flex-Steel Rake Head, this lawn company hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel. The American steel replacement rake head is 19 inches across to provide plenty of width for collecting leaves, grass and soil. It also sports 25 extra wide tines, which are braced for additional strength and durability to further aid in your everyday garden tasks. Plus, the best feature of this rake head is that it comes without a handle, allowing you to order one that best suits your body or recycle a handle from an older rake at home.

best leaf rakes flexrake Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Corona Fixed Tine Shrub Rake


Being 54 inches long and having an 8-inch head makes this Corona Fixed Tine Shrub Rake perfect for smaller gardens and other tight spaces. It’s ideal for clippings, leaves and general lawn debris and includes a bi-curved design, which helps ensure there’s pressure on all 11 of the rake’s tines during your raking action. Plus, the aluminum handle keeps the rake light while the anti-slip vinyl sleeve ensures you remain in control throughout your afternoon of yard work.

best leaf rakes corona shrub Image courtesy of Amazon


3. True Temper Clog Free Leaf Rake


The True Temper Clog Free Leaf Rake provides a comfortable yet effective way to clear your yard of leaves, debris and clippings. It features a 30 poly-tined head with braces to ensure stability. Furthermore, the large foam cover on the handle protects your hands from blisters and unwanted chaffing during use. The handle is also 54-inches long to provide plenty of reach and to minimize the amount of physical input required.


best leaf rakes true temper Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Rake


It’s unlikely that everyone in your household is exactly the same height as each other, so why would you expect everyone to use a one-size-only garden tool. In the Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Rake, you’ll find an easily adjustable yard tool to fit everyone’s preference. The smart design even includes a collapsing head for easy storage and a built-in loop for easy wall hanging when it’s not in use.

best leaf rakes adjustable Image courtesy of Amazon


5. ReLeaf Leaf Scoops


Even though you may look a little bit like some kind of Eco-Wolverine, these ReLeaf Leaf Scoops are perfect for dealing with piles of leaves in the yard. Whether the leaves are wet or dry, these handy gloves put a barrier between your hands and the leaves to make moving them from one place to another a cinch. The protective element also means lifting nettles, weeds and rose bushes isn’t a problem either. The design features handy loops for easy off-the-ground storage.

best leaf rakes hand re-leaf Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Tierra Garden Kid’s Leaf Rake


Let’s face it, any way to get your kids doing chores without having to bribe them is a good thing. And with this Tierra Garden Kid’s Leaf Rake, they’ll feel like raking is more fun and less of a chore. The rake has been specially designed for kids and sports a 40-inch long handle as well as an attractive and colorful 11-tined head. The durable and high-quality construction make this rake ideal for kids who want to help their parents with the yard work.

best leaf rakes kids Image courtesy of Amazon


7. TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II


Sporting a less familiar design but with impressive reviews from users, the TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II is not just your average rake. The USA-made leaf rake sports a smart design which makes removing leaves from bushes easy by letting the green stems pass through without a problem. The 28 rounded tines have a spring-like action that works differently than your average rake in order to prevent unwanted clogs. Plus, the yellow, 55-inch fiberglass handle keeps you comfortable and in control throughout.

best leaf rakes groundskeeper Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Ohio Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush


Rather than raking up leaves and other yard debris yourself, why not let the Ohio Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush do it for you? This rake/sweeper attaches to the back of your riding lawn mower and collects leaves, cut grass, pine cones and more as you go. The only work you have to do is emptying the collecting bucket when its full. This product is manufactured in the United States and also sports a 42-inch wide brush to ensure everything is collected in a single pass.

best leaf rakes sweeper Image courtesy of Amazon


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