Make Quick Work of Messes with the Best Mops


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Whether it’s Annie or Cinderella, there is a reason you root for protagonists in kids’ movies who are punished by being made to mop the floors by their headmasters, stepparents and other unsympathetic adults. Mopping is generally not fun. Fortunately, mopping has come a long way from a backbreaking activity that you had to do on your hands and knees. Mops have also improved vastly from the messy rags-on-sticks that they once were. The best mops are lighter, more efficient, and less messy to deal with.

One important consideration when buying a mop is to think about the kind of floor you have. For tile and many other hard surfaces, a regular wet mop will make quick work of any messes. Wood is more delicate — you don’t want your hardwood floors to be saturated with water. That doesn’t rule out wet mopping altogether, but it just means that you don’t want your mop to be too wet. Many of our favorite mops are easy to wring, making it easier to get it damp without being sopping.

Many of these mops are also often made with microfiber, which is absorbent but delicate enough to not scratch wood flooring. Dry mopping can be done between wet mopping sessions as a way to pick up dust and dirt and keep your floors looking clean. Several of our favorite mops on this list work for wet as well as dry mopping.

Whether you have tough kitchen spills or dusty wood floors, we’ve rounded up the best mops that you can buy right now.

1. O-Cedar Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System

Instead of the floppy shape of traditional mops or the rectangular shape of most microfiber mops, O-Cedar’s mop features an innovative triangular design. This allows you to quickly and deftly get to hard to reach corners. The microfiber bristles are soft and absorbent, effectively picking up dirt and bacteria with just water. The mop also comes with its own bucket that features a step pedal for hands-free wringing.

Pros: Comes with the bucket, mop and two extra heads. Machine washable heads.

Cons: Small size means it’s more time consuming to clean larger rooms.

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2. Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet All Purpose Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit

The Swiffer Sweeper is one of the simplest and most space-saving options — no bucket is required, and the small frame of the Sweeper makes it easy to store. The mop itself doesn’t actually do the cleaning  — rather, the cleaning is done by the disposable pads which attach to the head of the mop. The pads are included with this kit. There are two different kinds of dry cloths (14 total) for picking up dust and two kinds of wet cloths (five total) for tougher messes.

Pros: Complete kit includes dry and wet cloths. Wet cloths are pre-wet, meaning that no bucket is needed.

Cons: Disposable cloths are wasteful and costly in the long run.

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3. Libman Wonder Mop & Refills Kit

This option from Libman updates the traditional wet mop with several key details for easier wringing and deeper cleaning. The traditional fabric strands have been replaced by a microfiber head that can be removed and machine washed. The fact that the red and white polka dots make the mop heads look like creatures out of a Yayoi Kusama piece doesn’t hurt either. A total of four heads are included. Probably the most innovative design element is the built-in wringer on the handle that the mop head pulls into, eliminating the need for a designated mop bucket.

Pros: US-made mop. Total of four washable microfiber heads included. Innovative built-in wringer in the handle of the mop.

Cons: Removing the mop head for cleaning can be difficult.

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4. Quickie All-Purpose Cotton Wet Mop

Innovative microfiber options are all well and good, but if you’re just looking for a regular, no-frills mop, then this option from Quickie is the way to go. The handle is made from powder-coated steel, not plastic, making for a more durable product. The mop head is 100% cotton and features a scrub pad for breaking up tough messes. The end of the handle has a loop to easily hang the mop up when not in use.

Pros: US-made mop with a sturdy powder-coated steel handle and all-cotton mop head.  Scrub pad built-in for breaking up tough messes.

Cons: You’ll likely need a wringer bucket, which is not included.

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5. Sladust Big Wooly with Metal Telescoping Handle

Many of the options on this list are designed as either a wet mop or a combination wet and dry mop, but if you want a designated dust mop, consider this US-made option from Sladust. It’s aptly named the Big Wooly for its large head with hundreds of colorful, all-wool strands. The metal handle features a telescoping design, making it easier to store, and the head is removable and replaceable once it wears out.

Pros: Genuine wool fibers with sturdy metal handle. Handle telescopes and head is replaceable.

Cons: Somewhat costly.

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