The Best Pooper Scoopers Make Dog Doody Duty Downright Easy

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Dogs have the title of man’s best friend, and deservedly so. Most are fiercely loyal, love attention, give endless affection and never say no to hanging out. Given the nearly infinite list of positives, it would be easy and understandable to think there’s no downside to owning a dog, but that would be forgetting one key, unavoidable and biological reality — poop. No matter your dog’s species or size, all dogs poop. And as they’re unlikely to be cleaning up after themselves, we suggest investing in one of the best pooper scoopers.

Cleaning up after your pup may be one of the jobs that owners are less fond of, but it doesn’t have to cost you too much time or effort with the right tools in your hands. And, if you’ve ever stepped in dog poop and had to deal with the pain-in-the-butt cleaning process, you’ll already know why it’s worth doing. So no matter whether it’s your backyard, a dog park or just when you’re out and about, make sure you get rid of any stinky poop mines for your sake and others. To help you make the best choice, here are some key elements to think about when picking the best pooper scooper for your needs:

  • Handle Length – Choosing a more extended handle allows you to clear up any mess from further away, meaning you don’t have to get too close to the smell or run the risk of potentially getting poop on your hands. Long handles also mean you don’t have to bend down and strain your back.
  • Surface Specificity – Pooper scoopers can be more specialized to different surfaces, which means you may want to choose a different scooper if you’re always picking up poop from the grass rather than bare ground or pavement.
  • Easy to Clean – If the worst does happen and you get some poop on your pooper scooper, all you need to do is grab a hose and spray it off. This is a far preferable situation for many people than having to walk around with poop on your hands until you get to a place to clean them.
  • Durability – The best pooper scoopers are built to last. Durability is critical if you need to carry it distances or have a particularly rowdy dog who may be jumping around while you’re trying to clean up.

Minimize the amount of time you lose cleaning up after your pup and maximize fun time by investing in one of the best pooper scoopers. Below you’ll find our top 10 pooper scooper picks for making your dog doody duties a more manageable experience.

1. Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper


With over 43,000 five-star ratings, the Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper is one of the most popular and top-rated answers to picking up poop. Its large capacity bin and extended handle allow it to collect all sizes and shapes of poop without straining your back or having to get close. Whether your yard consists of grass, gravel or concrete, you’ll have no problem as this product is suitable for various surfaces. In addition, this product can be used with or without a plastic bag and comes with two freshly scented bags, so you’re ready to clean up from the moment it arrives.

best pooper scoopers arm hammer swivel Courtesy of Amazon


2. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Dispenser


We know it’s not technically a pooper scooper, but if you own a dog, this Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Dispenser should already be on your leash. This one-size-fits-all bag dispenser is suitable for all leashes and ensures you always have a way to deal with poop, no matter where you are. Handily, the design includes a built-in hook, so you don’t need to carry a bag full of poop in your hands if there is not a trash can close to you at the time. In addition, refilling this dispenser is super simple thanks to its interlocking twist mechanism, which is also surprisingly secure, so there’s no need to worry about it popping open on you by accident.

earth rated dog poop bag dispenser Courtesy of Amazon


3. Four Paws Wire Rake Scooper


The Four Paws Wire Rake Scooper is a versatile addition suitable for grass or sandy surfaces. The wire construction is rust-resistant and includes spikes for easy waste scooping without accidentally picking up any grass or sand. Plus, as tiresome as collecting poop can be, there is no need to strain your back when collecting with this rake, thanks to its 31-inch length and built-in hole, which lets you hang the rake wherever is most convenient for you.

four paws wire rake scooper Courtesy of Chewy


4. DogBuddy Pooper Scooper


The portable DogBuddy Pooper Scooper comes in two sizes, meaning there’s an option to suit every dog breed, from Chihuahua to St. Bernard. It also comes in two colors and features an expandable base accommodating different stool sizes. And given that dogs don’t just poop at home, this scooper is especially handy as it includes a leash clip and integrated bag compartment, making it a particularly convenient option for use out on walks.

best pooper scoopers dogbuddy Courtesy of Amazon


5. Living Express Large Pooper Scooper


The Living Express Large Pooper Scooper makes the tedious job of waste collection far more manageable thanks to its 28-inch long, easy-pull handle. There’s also no need to bend down as this lightweight product creates a far more enjoyable experience for users by maintaining a greater distance from the poop. Furthermore, this scooper boasts serrated edges to ensure more complete grabbing, even when in use on grass or gravel.

best pooper scoopers living express Courtesy of Amazon


6. Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop


Most yards include at least a small patch of grass, and this area is usually a prime target when your pup needs to go. The Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop keeps your grass clean and safe for walking on by specializing in on-grass pickups. The scoop is available in two sizes, one of which features a stronger scoop built for dealing with more substantial messes. It’s made from strong and durable materials, as seen in the 25-inch rubber handle and scoop-wide non-stick surfaces.

best pooper scoopers natures miracle Courtesy of Amazon


7. ROIUBPO Pooper Scooper


This Roiubpo Pooper Scooper Set comprises three individual tools that make it suitable for picking up from various surfaces, including grass, dirt and gravel. This versatility makes it an excellent option for homes with a yard, a garden and a driveway. Each piece in the set measures 42 inches and is easy to assemble. They also feature a rust-proof, non-stick coating which makes them easier to clean. In addition, after using the set, the scoop and rake clip into the bucket’s pole to become more compact for convenient storage.

best pooper scoopers roiubpo Courtesy of Amazon


8. Spotty Wood Handle Pooper Scooper


The Spotty Wood Handle Pooper Scooper and Rake are simple yet effective when it comes to cleaning up your dog’s mess. The wooden handles in each tool are attached directly to the lightweight solid aluminum heads, so there is no assembly required. This fixing also makes them more sturdy and durable than many competitors. And not only is this scooper suitable for cleaning up your dog’s mess, but it can also double up as a leaf collector in the fall. Plus, once finished clearing up after your dog, the snap-in attachment and built-in hanging loops make them particularly easy to store.

best pooper scoopers spotty wood Courtesy of Amazon


9. GoGo Stik ST Pooper Scooper


As the name suggests, the GoGo Stik ST Pooper Scooper is all about speed, to the point that you can use it to catch your dog’s poop before it even hits the ground. This lengthy scooper uses grocery bags or the included Dootie bags held open between its grippers to collect waste at a safe distance. What is that distance? Well, it’s up to you as the scooper sports a telescopic handle that adjusts from 25 to 36 inches. And for user comfort and convenience, the design includes an aluminum handle and a built-in hanging loop, and it’s entirely free of any moveable, potentially rustable parts, ensuring that with basic care, you get plenty of years of use from your investment.

best pooper scoopers gogo stik st Courtesy of Amazon


10. Pawler Dog Pooper Scooper


With the Pawler Dog Pooper Scooper in your hands, there’s no need to keep bending down to clean up after your dog. The rake’s 37.8-inch reach allows for near-upright cleaning, while you can use its versatile, multi-pronged design to clear your garden of dog mess, leaves or even general garden debris. The accompanying tray lets you store a large amount of whatever you’re collecting, so it needs emptying less regularly (although we still suggest disposing of dog poop sooner rather than later). In addition, both the rake and tray are easy to store, rust-proof and durable, and you can use them in all kinds of weather.

best pooper scoopers pawler Courtesy of Amazon


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