Clean Machine: The 8 Best Ways To Clean Your Dirty Phone or Laptop Screen

How To Clean Phone Screen: The
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* Finally be rid of fingerprints and smudges
* Using regular wipes or tissues could damage your screen
* Make sure you choose screen-specific products

Phones, laptops and tablets don’t stay clean after days of hard use and transportation. Dust, dirt, and worst of all, greasy fingerprints are unavoidable. Luckily, dozens of products have been created to solve the problem. The most effective option is to use cleaning cloths and screen-specific cleaning solutions, or pre-moistened screen cleaner wipes. Here are the 8 best screen cleaning options we’ve found.

1. Live Happy Mop Top Screen Cleaner

This happy little stylus doubles as a microfiber screen mop, and fits seamlessly into your pen and pencil pocket. It’s ideal for small smudges and prints, but won’t work great for bigger cleaning jobs, too.

Jarred Lawrence
3 years
Awesome useful tips to clean the microwave. I always use disinfectant office wipes to wipe out the...

Jarred Lawrence
3 years
Awesome useful tips to clean the microwave. I always use disinfectant office wipes to wipe out the…
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2. Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit – BEST VALUE

Belkin’s screen cleaning kit comes with a small bottle of alcohol-free and residue-free cleaning solution and a large microfiber cloth. At under $10, this is the best deal for a cloth and solution cleaning kit.

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3. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – BEST REVIEWED

If you just want a microfiber cloth, these ones by MagicFiber are a great option. With over 9,000 positive reviews on Amazon, they effectively remove dust, fingerprints, oil, and germs without any solution, and can be washed and reused.

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4. Stixx Screen Cleaning Kit

Stixx’s screen cleaning kit is another great choice if your device needs a serious cleaning. Like the Belkin, it comes with a large microfiber cloth that prevents scratching or streaking.

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5. Care Touch Lens Pre-Moistened Screen Cleaning Wipes

Another pre-moistened choice is the Care Touch Lens screen cleaning wipes. They come as a pack of 210 and can be used for many different things in addition to your gadget screens.

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6. Screen Mom Screen Cleaning Kit

After years of trying to keep her family’s devices clean, Amanda (a mother of 5) founded Screen Mom with the purpose of ridding all dirty screens of dust, smudges and fingerprints. She also wanted something that wouldn’t leave scratches, and wanted it to be safe enough for her kids to have their faces next to all day. Since then, her product has garnered thousands of good reviews, and turned out to be just what she intended.

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7. iCloth Screen Cleaner and Protector – EDITOR’S CHOICE

iCloth takes the screen cleaner a step further by offering a formula that protects your screen from smudges and scrapes after you use it. And instead of a bottle and cloth kit, it comes as a pack of pre-moistened wipes, so you can keep a couple in your car, your bag, and at the office.

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