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The Best Shower Squeegees Keep Your Bathroom Clean, Which Is Exactly How it Should Be

Your bathroom can either be a place of rest and relaxation, where you go at the end of a long day to unwind with a hot bath by candlelight — or it can be a messy, hurried place where you try to get your business done as quickly as possible so you can get out the door in the morning. The key to making it feel more like a spa is regular cleaning. While water, soap and toothpaste keep you clean, they have the opposite effect on your bathroom, leaving tough stains and residue on the sink, mirror and shower door.

One of the best tools to keep in your bathroom is a shower squeegee, which helps clean glass surfaces such as the mirror or shower door. Not only do shower squeegees improve the look of your bathroom, but they also make it easier to get ready in the morning. After all, it’s hard to do a good job shaving when you can barely see your face in the toothpaste-stained mirror.

Shower squeegees are not so different from a squeegee you might use to clean your car window, except they’re typically smaller so as to save space in your shower. And, instead of a squishy sponge-like material, they typically have a firm but flexible rubber or silicone piece that effectively scrapes away water and soap residue without scratching the glass or leaving streaks.

There are a couple of features to look for when buying shower squeegees. Many of them come with suction cups that can be affixed to the shower wall or door. Some have comfortable ergonomic handles, while others are surprisingly stylish, considering how basic and utilitarian a shower squeegee is. These are the best ones to get.

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1. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee


OXO makes some of the most stylish and smartly designed home goods, including this simple squeegee. It has a stainless steel body with black rubber detailing. The handle is rounded and has a soft grip, making it more comfortable to hold. Included with the squeegee is a suction cup mount. The handle is short but the blade is long, meaning it won’t take up too much space, but it will allow you to clean more of the shower or bathroom mirror.

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2. iDesign Plastic Bathroom Squeegee


This basic squeegee from iDesign is made with transparent plastic, so it’ll stay out of sight until you actually need to use it. Included with the squeegee is a suction cup that holds a loop at the base of the handle. The squeegee blade is 12″ long, making it easier to quickly scrape away water and residue from the shower door.

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3. Scotch-Brite Rubber Shower Squeegee


There’s a good chance you’ve used a Scotch-Brite sponge at some point, so it’s no surprise the brand makes great products for keeping your shower clean, too. This basic and affordable squeegee has a comfortable, textured handle. Unlike many other options, the handle is longer, making it great for reaching the tops of taller showers. The blade itself is 6.5″ long.

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4. SimpleHuman Squeegee 


This squeegee from SimpleHuman has a stylish stainless steel build, and the head folds toward the handle to make it more compact. The base of the handle has a hole for hanging, and a suction cup mount is included with the squeegee. The handle is also weighted, making it more secure when holding it, and the blade is angled to smoothly glide across glass surfaces.

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5. IKEA LILLNAGGEN Shower squeegee


A Lillnaggen sounds a lot more exciting than a shower squeegee, doesn’t it? If the unique name didn’t make it obvious, this shower squeegee comes from IKEA. True to most IKEA products, it’s stylish, minimalistic and of course, inexpensive. It has a white plastic handle and a red rubber blade, which is a moderately sized 10″ long.

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6. desired tools Squeegee 


This squeegee is from desired tools, and it has a soft, grippy foam handle that’s easy to hold. It has a hole at the base of the handle that allows it to be hung, although a suction-cup mount is not included. That said, two replacement blades for the squeegee are included, extending the life of the squeegee when the blade eventually wears down. It’s also available in a few other colors.

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7.Target Room Essentials Squeegee


This squeegee from Target’s budget-minded apartment and dorm line Room Essentials has a curved grip, rather than a straight handle, so it’s shaped more like a dough scraper than a broom. This gives it the advantage of being space-saving and allowing you to more closely control the squeegee when moving it across the glass.

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8. HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee


This option from Hiware is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing options on this list, thanks to its all-metal build and simple shape. It’s also available in several different colors to match your bathroom decor, including silver, black and bronze. You can also choose different sizes to fit your needs, including options with 10″, 12″ and 14″ squeegee blades.

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