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Get Rid of Dust and Rust on Silver, Metal and More with These Powerful Cleaning Brushes

Caring for silver can seem like an overwhelming process. There’s a reason the trend away from sterling silver flatware towards more user-friendly cutlery has occurred over the past few decades. Silver can seem temperamental and high maintenance, but with a few simple steps and tools, including the right polishing and cleaning brush, its easy to keep your silver items looking beautiful. As pointed out by world-famous auction house Christie’s, taking care of your silver is as easy as properly storing it and using the right tools.

We recommend using a horsehair brush since its bristles are tough enough to rid silver of tarnish, rust and dirt, but soft enough that it won’t scratch the silver. We’ve included two horsehair brushes on our list as well as a more robust electrical cleaner which is designed for larger pieces of silver as well as other metals and various materials.

The good news is that it’s possible to clean your silver too much, as pointed out by Christie’s, which gets you off the hook from weekly cleaning sessions. Properly drying your silver and using a brush or buffer to keep it clean and polished are essential steps in helping the item retail its original beauty. From family heirlooms to everyday pieces, these brushes will help care for and rejuvenate any silver items.

1. W. J. Hagerty Complete 4-Piece Silver Care Kit

Treat fine silver with the care it deserves using the W. J. Hagerty Complete 4-Piece Silver Care Kit, which comes with everything you need to keep silver looking new. The company has been keeping silver bright and clean since 1895 and their latest kit features an 8 oz jar of polish, a 7 oz jar of foam, a polishing cloth and a horsehair brush to help get dirt, grime and rust off silver.

Pros: In addition to cleaning silver, the kit can also be used to clean gold, and it comes with everything things needed to get the job done.

Cons: Only one brush included.

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2. Simple Shine Horsehair Silver Brush Set

Made with 100 percent premium horsehair, the Simple Shine Horsehair Silver Brush Set comes with a sizeable all-purpose brush for more significant pieces and a detail brush that is perfect for getting into small nooks and crannies that can’t be reached with polishing cloths. Horsehair is the only bristle that won’t scratch silver, making this an excellent option for anyone looking to clean or polish their silver pieces.

Pros: The Simple Shine brushes can both clean and polish silver at the same time, perfect for jewelry, coins, silverware, furniture, watches and more.

Cons: Doesn’t include cleaning solution.

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3. OriGlam 3pcs Mini Wire Brush Set

For hard to reach areas, these fine detail brushes are a great option. They come in a three-piece set, and each brush is double-ended. Plus, each brush is made from a different material, making this a versatile set for cleaning different kinds of materials. One brush is brass, one is nylon and one is stainless steel.

Pros: Three-piece set is good for different kinds of cleaning. Toothbrush size brushes are great for fine detailing.

Cons: Not ideal for cleaning larger areas.

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