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The Best Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Keep Your Porcelain Sparkling With a Pumice Stone

Even the cleanest toilets develop hard water stains over time. This buildup can be tricky to remove, and it might appear in your tub and sink as well. Fortunately, you can skip the harsh scrubbing and toxic chemicals by switching to a stone toilet bowl cleaner. The best stone toilet bowl cleaners use a familiar tool — a handheld pumice stone — to easily scrub away stubborn bathroom stains.

In addition to the toilet, you can also use this cleaning stone on the sink, shower tile, bathtub, pool tile, outdoor grill, plumbing fixtures, and on stainless steel appliances.

What To Look For In Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Some stone toilet bowl cleaners have a handle, but you can also hold the stone itself with gloves. Stones that don’t have a handle may be easier to use in other parts of the bathroom, like the sink and shower, as well as around the home.

If you want a stone that can clean multiple areas of the home, opt for a multi-pack so that you can have one designated stone for the toilet.

Since you want to keep the pumice stone and the surface you are cleaning wet throughout the entire cleaning process in order to create a cleaning paste with the debris that breaks off from the stone, we recommend using stone with a handle or wearing a glove, since things will get messy on your bare hand. And don’t forget to avoid surfaces like plastic, marble, laminate and fiberglass since pumice stones will leave scratches.

How We Chose The Best Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner

These gritty tools might just be your new favorite cleaning product. Made of a porous volcanic stone like pumice, the tool gently removes stains and buildup without scratching the porcelain. We also like that stone toilet bowl cleaners can clean your toilet in an efficient and eco-friendly way that doesn’t require harsh chemicals. We included stones made both with and without handles, options sold in single units and multi-packs, and stones that are designed to easily break down, and one’s that have a longer lifespan.

To get you one step closer to your cleanest bathroom ever, here are some of the best stone toilet bowl cleaners and bathroom pumice stones to consider.

1. Comfun Toilet Bowl Pumice Cleaning Stone

Comfun’s cleaning stone is made of 100% natural pumice. The stone gently removes hard water stains, calcium buildup and grime without scratching any surfaces. You can use this on toilets, sinks, pools and appliances. This product includes an ergonomic handle for efficient and hygienic use. Just keep in mind that the pumice is soft, so you might want to buy multiple.

Pros: The handle makes cleaning more comfortable. The handle has a hole on the end, so you can hang it with a string after use. Four toilet stones are included.

Cons: The pumice can be brittle, so pieces might fall off while you scrub.

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2. Maryton Pumice Stone Toilet Cleaner

These pumice stones are made of 100% pumice that is odorless and durable. The gritty surface clears water rings, rust stains and calcium buildup without requiring too much scrubbing. You’ll have no need for extra cleaning sprays. This product is great for porcelain and metal but keep it away from softer materials like plastic, glass and wood.

Pros: This pumice stone is dense and won’t crumble easily. It works more efficiently than chemical cleaners and cloths. Convenient four-pack.

Cons: The product might wear down quickly if you’re tackling heavy stains. These stones don’t have handles.

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3. Powerhouse Pumice Cleaning Stone

Powerhouse Pumice’s cleaning stone is made of fine grit pumice and includes a plastic handle. According to the company, this product is 40% denser than similar products. You can use this cleaner on a number of household surfaces, like sinks and grills, and the pumice will keep its shape. However, it’s especially useful for toilet bowl scrubbing. When you’re done cleaning, rinse and dry the stone before stashing it in the storage case.

Pros: This dense pumice works well on barbecue grills. The handle stays in place through hard scrubbing.

Cons: The shape of the stone can make it hard to clean narrow areas, like the rim of the toilet. Plastic handle can break with especially strong scrubbing. Only one stone per order.

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4. Tuodeal Pumice Cleaning Stone

You can use Tuodeal’s pumice cleaning stone in the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor spaces. The product is made with 100% natural pumice and includes a durable plastic handle. This stone holds its shape while you clean, but you can sharpen the edges to reach narrow spaces. Loop a string through the handle for clean storage.

Pros: This product is gritty enough to remove hard water rings, but it won’t scratch your toilet. The handle makes scrubbing easier. Like the best stone toilet bowl cleaners, multiple stones are included.

Cons: The squared edges can feel awkward to use, but sharpening can help. This product might scratch plumbing fixtures.

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5. Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover

Pumie’s stone toilet bowl cleaner gently scours surfaces, cleaning more quickly than conventional cleaners. You can use it to remove hard water, stains, paint spots, rust, algae deposits and lime deposits. The pumice gradually shapes to fit rounded surfaces, making it easier to clean toilet bowls, sinks, and tubs. This product includes a handle to keep your hands clean.

Pros: One pumice stone will last for around 10 uses with normal use. It changes shape as promised.

Cons: While it shapes easily, the stone may also disintegrate when scrubbing tough stains. The handle is shorter than some other options. Packaging can be difficult to open.

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