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This $5 Hack Lets You Clean Your Sneakers In the Washing Machine

* Wash your sneakers without damaging them
* Keep your sneakers clean without having to scrub them yourself
* Quick, easy, and effective

If you own a pair of sneakers that are white, beige, or any light shade, cleaning your sneakers can be time consuming and annoying. If you are an OCD sneakerhead who wants your kicks to look fresh at all times, this $5 hack will change your life (or at least the way you take care of your shoes).

Instead of scrubbing your shoes by hand or throwing them loosely in the washer and dryer praying they don’t get damaged, this all-in-one washer and dryer bag attaches to the door of a front-loading washer or dryer, allowing you to wash and dry your sneakers with a load of clothes while keeping your clothes, and shoes protected.

It prevents the loud constant thud sound that occurs when you dry your sneakers in the dryer by keeping them securely in place. If you have a top loading washer or dryer you can easily put the entire mesh bag into the machine without damaging your shoes.


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The best part of this bag is that it quiets down the noise of washing your shoes, saves you time,  and will prevent your dryer or washer door from flying open from a stray shoe. If you have shoes that are larger then men’s size 11 it’s recommended to wash and dry one shoe at a time inside of the bag.

One thing to keep in mind is the shape and size of dryer door you have as well. The bag straps don’t fit onto all dryer doors but do fit on most standard front opening rectangular shaped doors. Several reviewers who had extra large dryer doors were able to buy Velcro extensions that allowed them to use the sneaker wash bag effectively.

The bag measurements are 15-inches long by 16-inches wide. It’s held in place with a super durable zipper and polyester mesh fabric that will hold up to repeated washings.

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