12 Closet Organization Ideas That’ll Simplify Your Life (Plus, 36 Products You Need To Do It Well)

closet organization ideas
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Your living room is pristine, your kitchen is Insta-worthy and your bedroom is a sanctuary that puts you into an almost meditative state. But what about your closets? If the thought of them spikes your anxiety levels, it’s time to try some of the best closet organization ideas and hacks.

Remember Monica from Friends? Even as a neat freak, Monica had that one closet space that was uncontrollably cluttered (as revealed in “The One with the Secret Closet”). Don’t be Monica. Get all your closets under control with our closet organization ideas.

What are the Best Small Closet Organization Ideas?

Below, we’ll cover ideas for all types of closets, but we just wanted to make a special note for those of you with extra small closets. These can be the toughest spaces to keep organized, but with some dedication and a few clever ideas, it’s totally doable. Focus on revamping your folding methods, dividing the space into defined sections and using wall and door space for smaller items. Keep reading for more tips and tricks.

A Note on Closet Systems

These days, you can find prefab closet organization systems for sale all over the internet. These systems are amazing for transforming your closet from a single rod and shelf into a useful space with a plethora of sections. And, if you have the budget, you can also choose to hire a company to design a closet organization system for you. Or, you can DIY your own closet system, if you’re handy with a power drill and saw.

Just be sure you measure your space carefully before purchasing a prefab or DIY option. You’ll want to measure everything at least twice because there’s nothing more disappointing than investing in all the materials only to discover it doesn’t fit.

Keep reading for 12 closet organization ideas that will turn your clutter into sigh-worthy, visual inspiration every time you open the closet door.


1. Use a Dresser Under Hanging Items

One of the best hacks for closet organization is to actually put a dresser in your closet. You can usually position a small dresser underneath your hanging items, but keep in mind, you may first need to raise the rod in your closet above eye height to accomplish this. Not only does this give you back some space in your bedroom, but it increases the number of items you can store in your closet without going through a costly closet redesign.

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2. Dividers Can Help Create Different Areas

We know this is a really broad suggestion for a closet organization idea that can be accomplished in many different ways, but it really is one of the best ways to ensure every piece you own has its own space. If you’re on a budget, you might choose to divide the top shelf in your closet with office filing dividers. Just be sure you go for the acrylic ones, so you can’t see them. Alternatively, if you have a huge walk-in space, you might splash out on a total closet organization system, complete with dividers for every section of your dream closet. No matter which way you choose to divide your closet, keep these tips in mind:

  • High-use items should be kept lower and easier to access than low-use items
  • Bulkier items should be kept higher up in your closet, whereas pants and tops can stay at or below eye level.
  • For larger closets, dividing based on use is a great idea. So, keep clothes in one section, accessories in another and shoes in a different area.
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3. Install Extra Shelving or Drawers

If you’re up for a bit of DIY action, installing extra shelving or drawers in your closet is fairly easy and will make a huge difference. At any home improvement store, you’ll find a wide variety of pegboard, floating shelves and brackets or even slide-out bins. Alternatively, you can purchase a set of hanging shelves and drawers or one of the prefab closet organization solutions (as mentioned above) available on Amazon to really vamp up your space.

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4. Doors and Wall Space Are Ideal for Hanging Smaller Items

When it comes to closet organization, you want to use every available inch. So, if you’ve fit in a dresser, installed dividers and added some new shelves and drawers, but you still don’t know where to put your beauty products or jewelry, try utilizing any extra wall or door space. In these empty areas, you can use things like spice racks, towel racks and damage-free hooks to organize all your accessories.

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5. Specially-Made Shoe Racks are a Godsend

Shoes are the bane of every organizer’s existence. They are bulky, they come in pairs that can be separated and they can be dirty. Luckily, this problem has many solutions in the form of specially-made shoe racks. These can take the form of a rack that raises your shoes off the ground, a diagonal display, a hanging rack or an over-the-door organizer which allows you to keep those shoes at eye level rather than strewn across your closet floor.

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6. Choose Space-Saving Hangers

There’s a hanger for everything these days. Or, at least that’s the way it seems. But, that really is good news as these space-saving hangers can help you hang up everything from ties and purses to scarves and pants. Invest in a few of these types of hangers for each type of clothing item you want to store. Trust us, hangers are never a waste of money. You always need more than you think.

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7. Add a Second Rod

Most closets have a rod that is pre-hung at just above eye level. While this is a great height for seeing everything that’s on the rod, it doesn’t maximize the amount of space in your closet. Consider moving the existing rod up and adding a second rod underneath. This works especially well if you have two rods in your closet. One can stay where it is for longer items, while the second can be moved up and a third rod added underneath for shorter items.

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8. Get Matching Hangars

You’ve put in all this work to properly organize your closet, so you obviously want it to look nice. Yes, it will look tidier with extra shelves, drawers and rods, but those mismatched hangers will still stick out like a sore thumb. Do yourself a favor and get a couple of sets of quality, matching hangers. The aesthetic added by uniformity will help your anxiety levels every time you open your closet doors.

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9. Label Everything with Reusable Labels

One way to ensure you never lose track of what’s in the various drawers and bins within your closet is to label everything. We recommend going with reusable labels so that every year when you re-organize your closet, you can relabel all your items. It’s especially important to put labels on any storage containers holding seasonal items so that you don’t have to open the container with every changing season to see what’s inside.

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10. Learn How to Fold Clothes for Each Type of Space

We’re sure your mother taught you how to fold your clothes, but did she teach you the best way to fold each type of clothing? Yes, there are more options than the simple fold and stack. We recommend checking out some of Marie Kondo’s folding techniques, but in general, you’ll want to use a vertical fold for drawers, the nesting method for your underwear and the stacking method for anything stored on shelves or dividers.

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11. Store Seasonal Items Elsewhere

It might be tempting to keep all your clothing in one place, but do you really need to look at those bulky sweaters all summer long? Do yourself a favor and get rid of some of the clutter by storing your seasonal items elsewhere. You can do this by utilizing under-the-bed clothing bins or vacuum-sealed bags for the attic. And, if you’re short on a budget after using all our other closet organization ideas, well-sealed trash bags work in a pinch.

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12. Add a Hamper & a Donation Bin

Finally, if you still have space, consider adding both a hamper and a donation bin. The first will help you keep your dirty clothes off your bedroom floor and out of sight. The second, which could even be a small trash can with a “Donate” label stuck on it, will help you purge anything in your closet that no longer fits or that you no longer find useful in order to control clutter and help those in need.

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