The Best Desk Organizers for Decluttering Your Crowded Workspace

best desk organizers
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We’ve all experienced the nightmare of having a messy desk and stuck drawers. If you currently have stationary spread across your tabletop or a mountain of work files piled inside your top drawer to the point of stopping it from opening, then it’s time to get some of the best desk organizers.

Making the most out of small spaces isn’t easy without the right tools and accessories. But, with one of the best desk organizers, you can have a clear work zone and be ready for serious business. 

Here are a few benefits of our favorite desk organizers:

  • Tidy – Being tidy and organized can be good for your mind and help with a productive workflow. Although having a messy workspace has been associated with creativity, do you really want to be seen as the messy one in the office or at home? Once you keep your desk tidy with one of the best desk organizers, it’s unlikely you’ll want to be messy again.
  • Efficient – The best desk organizers help you keep your stationery and files exactly where you need them. Knowing where your items are kept can cut down on time spent searching for them (and the embarrassment or awkward silence which comes with such a situation, too). 
  • Storage – A desk organizer is a great way to increase storage space without needing any serious DIY. They usually come pre-assembled or require very little effort on arrival. 

Check out the best desk organizers for sale right now, from cheap pen holders to elegant wireless charging trays. You’ll enjoy working at your desk more than ever before with any of these desk organizers on hand to help you stay tidy.

1. Modular Desk Organizers – 4 Pieces


Want to instantly declutter your desk and drawers? Then invest in these modular desk organizers, which come in seven color options to suit your sense of office decor. These organizers have everything you could want in the best desk organizers — they’re stylish, functional, versatile and affordable. At just $11 for a four-pack, there’s no reason to hesitate to hit that “Add To Cart” button now.

modular desk organizers Courtesy of Target

2. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizers


The SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer is a must-have tool for all workaholics. It has space to store your letters, stationery and more. There are two side-loaded letter trays as well as a pull-out drawer with three sections, which is best suited for pens and important knick-knacks. On top of the organizer, you’ll also find five filing compartments, which are spread two inches apart to keep your important files in order. This desk organizer means business.

simplehouseware mesh desk prganizer Image courtesy of Amazon


3. WAVEYU Pen Holder


With more than 2,200 reviews and a nearly perfect Amazon rating, this WAVEYU Pen Holder is a wise investment for any desk user. Despite its extremely modest price tag of under $10, it’s decorated with a luxury, marble finish which is available in multiple colors. The mouth of this pen holder measures just over three inches wide, so there’s plenty of space for your favorite pens, pencils and other frequently used stationary.



waveyu pen holder desk organizer Image courtesy of Amazon



4. Courant Catch:3 Wireless Charger


We love the Catch:3 wireless charger from Courant, and we’ve featured it in many of our Christmas gift guides last year. This elegant wireless charger is a great solution if you want to declutter your desk. The Catch:3 combines a wireless charger with a catch-all space for your keys, wallet, phone and other odds-and-ends. With this stylish leather charging tray, you can charge your phone and tidy up your workspace. Courant also offers engraving if you want to add your initials. This Catch:3 comes in a range of stylish colors, and it’s the best desk accessory in the world as far as we’re concerned. Of course, the price tag will put some people off, but that’s what makes it such a great gift. (Check for coupon codes on the Courant online store, as you can often find discounts.)

Courtesy of Courant

5. SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips


It’s important to ensure the surface you attach your SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips to is cleaned well prior to installment. That’s why every order includes six wipe pads as well as one three-cable holder, one five-cable holder and one seven-cable holder. All of the holders are made from silicone, which makes slotting the cables into the 6 millimeter holes an easy task, even if you are trying to work at an awkward angle behind your desk.

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soulwit cable holder clips Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Milcraft Cassette Tape Dispenser


The Milcraft Cassette Tape Dispenser brings both organization and retro fun to your desk space, and it’s one of the coolest office decor items we’ve seen in a long time. This cleverly designed pen pot combines a space for your writing tools and other small items as well as a tape dispenser. The pot has room for up to 30 small stationery items, and the tape holder is made for an easy replacement process once empty. Simply pop out the empty cartridge and put a new roll in the clips. And who doesn’t love a good workplace pun?

milcraft desk organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Leven Collapsible Magazine File Holder


If you find yourself with a lot of files, magazines and books to keep organized, then the Level Collapsible Magazine File Holder is what you need on your desk. This organizer is dedicated to keeping your paperwork in order. The clever, collapsible design means it’ll be delivered to your door ready for use. You just need to pull it outward from each side, then the three compartments will easily clip into place.

leven collapsible magazine file Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizers


The Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer takes the idea of a pen holder to the next level. It features a 360-degree, rotating basket that is split into four sections for organizing your pens and small stationery. It also features a carrying handle in the center of the axis, so you can move it wherever you need it most. This desk organizer is available in black or blue and is a true asset to any work environment.

marbrasse mesh desk organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Simple Houseware Desk Organizers


The Simple Houseware Desk Organizer has six horizontal trays which are ideal for storing different types of paper or organizing your documents. This makes it a great addition to both DIY areas and desk spaces. It also features a pull-out tray, which is split into three sections. This attractive desk organizer is made from black steel and is powder-coated for a professional and long-lasting matte finish.

desk organizers simplehouseware Image courtesy of Amazon


10. HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer


Many desk users find having their monitor raised from the desktop helps to relieve strain on their neck. With the JUANUO Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer, having your monitor raised also provides a storage and organization opportunity in the form of two horizontal drawers. The lower drawer is one open space suited to normal-sized documents, whereas the top drawer is split into smaller sections and is a great place to store pens and stationery.

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desk organizers huanuo Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Jerry & Maguire Desktop Organizer


Here at Spy, we love a good desk shelf. The Jerry & Maguire Desktop Organizer is more sturdy than most other desk organizers due to its wooden construction. When ordering, there are four wooden finishes to choose from, namely white wood, white, natural and black. Furthermore, this desk organizer is made of two parts which can be placed directly together or further apart if more space better suits your desk setup. You can also order two or three of these organizers and place them together to create further storage and organization areas.

desk organizers jerry maggie Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Flytianmy Drawer Dividers


The Flytianmy Drawer Dividers allow you to create an organizer to suit the size and shape of your desk drawer. The pack includes 40 dividers, and they all feature multiple slits which enable them to be slotted together. They are also easy to cut with scissors in case you find they’re too long for your designated space. These desk organizers are made of durable plastic and are available in multiple colors, too.

desk organizers flytianmy Image courtesy of Amazon


13. The Office Oasis Desk Organizer


The stylish design of The Office Oasis Desk Organizer makes it a welcome addition to any space. It features a bamboo base which is dotted with a magnetic grid that allows you to place the multiple included top trays in the order of your preference. The top attachments include trays of different sizes as well as a phone stand and a Post-it holder. If you find yourself searching among the pens, paperclips and notes on your desk to find your mouse, you need this desk organizer.

desk organizers the office oasis Image courtesy of Amazon


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