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Deal Alert: Save 45% on Our Favorite Robot Vacuum Through Sunday!

As you likely already know (unless you’ve been living under a rock), robot vacuums aren’t just the future anymore. At this point, there are a wide variety of smart robot vacuums making waves and cleaning up messes in homes across the world. And this weekend you can get one of our favorite robot vacuums from dser for a whopping 45% off on Amazon Prime.

When it comes to tracking deals on in-demand appliances, we’re professionals. And we’ve never seen a deal like this before in the robot vacuum space. Normally, smart vacuums like this dip way deep in the hundreds when it comes to pricing, but until Sunday, November 8, you can get the dser 23T Robot Vacuum Cleaner for just $109 (before tax). Now that is a steal.

To take advantage of this deal, SPY readers can enter the promo code 8BSU9ZGO during the checkout process, and Amazon and dser will take 45% off the price for you.

Better yet, this smart vacuum has been tested, reviewed and approved by SPY editors.

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Is the dser 23T Smart Vacuum Worth the Money?

SPY has recommended this vacuum even at full price. This is quite an affordable alternative to your classic Roomba, and we recently named this baby one of the best robot vacuums of 2020, and for good reason — it really works.

We did a full review of this vacuum after dser sent SPY this self-charging vacuum for testing, and we came away impressed with the value. Most robot vacuums in the $200 price range don’t offer WiFi connection and voice control, or they only have mediocre suction power. We found that anyonoe can get this thing in motion with close to no effort, so you don’t have to be a tech geek in order to figure out how to turn it on. The vacuum comes with a remote or you can control it by app to set it to a variety of presets depending on your cleaning preferences. It also packs 2200pa of suction power, which is solidly mid-range and a good value for the price.

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Courtesy @dser.official

SPY editor James Schiff had this to say in his review:

“There is Auto (aka bouncing into things and cleaning along the way), Edge (which follows the outer perimeter of your place), Spot (which will swirl around a single focused point), Single Room (which causes your bot to wind back and forth through a room) and Max (which is a full-power add-on to any of the already mentioned modes).”

You can even schedule a time for you bot to start cleaning on its own or use the arrows on the remote to drive it around as if you’re playing with a toy car. And, it even works with Alexa! Now, how cool is that?

You won’t see the deal directly on Amazon’s website, but upon checkout, simply type the promo code 8BSU9ZGO into the box and watch that price drop. What are you waiting for? You only have until Sunday!