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Save Up to $100 on Dyson’s Powerful Vacuum Cleaners (Plus, Get Free Shipping)

There’s a reason they’re called chores, and vacuuming has to be the choriest chore of them all. That’s why Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are so popular — they may not make vacuuming fun, but they certainly make it feel like less of a chore. Dyson’s most popular vacuums are its cordless stick vacuums, which are easy to maneuver around the house to make quick work of dust, crumbs and pet hair.

Of course, the power and convenience of Dyson’s vacuums come at something of a premium. But for the Black Friday weekend, some of Dyson’s best cordless stick vacuums are on sale. You can take between $50 to $100 off, which means you won’t need to vacuum up every penny from your couch cushions just to pay for them.

Check out some of the best vacuum cleaner deals. Stock is limited on many sites, but you can buy directly from Dyson (which is offering a best price guarantee).


1. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

Dyson is offering $100 off the Cyclone V10 Animal, so named for its ability to clean the homes of pet owners. A crevice tool, dusting brush, motorized tool and combination tool are included with the vacuum and docking station. The Cyclone V10 can quickly be turned into a handheld vacuum for easy car and couch cleaning. The V10 is redesigned, too, to offer up to 20% more suction power than the V8.

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2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

There are multiple models of the Cyclone V10, and the Absolute generally costs more than the Animal. At full retail, the Absolute goes for $550. Right now, you can get it for one Grant less, for a total of $500. The Cyclone V10 Absolute includes a soft roller cleaner head, which the V10 Animal lacks. This tool is designed for hard surfaces, so the Absolute is a great option if you have wood or tile floors.

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3. Dyson Pure Cool TP01 purifying fan

Between the fan, humidifier and air purifier, your bedroom can get pretty crowded with small appliances that are all doing fairly similar things. Fortunately, Dyson made it easier to cool off and breathe better at the same time. The Dyson Pure Cool combines air purification with a cooling fan. Dyson also offers a humidifier/fan combination. This option is normally $400, but it’s $300 right now.

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