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The Best Electric Snow Shovels to Clear All That Snow

A winter wonderland is all fun and games until you need to get somewhere. Then, the mound of snow sitting on your walkway can make getting to your car feel like summiting K2. Fortunately, there are a variety of easy ways to clear snow and ice from your driveways and walkways. And it doesn’t have to be as backbreaking as a shovel or as expensive as a snowblower. In fact, there’s a perfect tool that splits the difference: an electric snow shovel.

An electric snow shovel is a more compact tool than a snowblower, but they work similarly. Both are motorized tools that pull snow into the machine and throw it to the side. A snow blower is more powerful than a snow shovel, but the latter can be a better tool for residential use. The smaller size of an electric snow shovel makes them easier to store in a garage or storage closet. Electric snow shovels are more easily maneuverable than cumbersome snow blowers, and they’re also more cost-effective.

There are a few factors to look at when shopping for an electric snow shovel. Electric snow shovels will display their clearing width; standard widths include 10, 12, and 13 inches. This refers to the width of the area that the snow shovel clears. A wider range can be better for your driveway, for example, while you might instead opt for a narrower clearing width for a small walkway.

Another factor is the power source. Electric snow shovels come in either corded or cordless varieties. Like most corded tools, corded electric snow shovels are reliable, economical and generally more powerful than cordless options. However, you’ll need an extension cord, which can reduce the convenience of an electric snow shovel. Cordless options are more convenient and easy to maneuver, but they’re generally more expensive, and you have to keep an eye on battery life.

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If you’re looking for a simple and reliable tool to make quick work of the snow on your walkway or driveway, we’ve rounded up some of the best electric snow shovels to buy right now.


1. Greenworks Electric Snow Shovel


Greenworks electric snow shovel is an economical pick if you’re willing to go for a corded unit. It has an 8 amp motor that quickly and easily turns on with the push of a button, and it’s capable of clearing up to 300 pounds of snow per minute. The unit clocks in at a meager 14 pounds, meaning anyone in the family can use it.

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2. Toro Cordless Electric Snow Shovel


Toro’s cordless electric snow shovel is a robust unit that makes snow clearing a breeze. It throws snow up to 25 feet, compared with other options that throw snow up to 20 feet. The shovel has a brushless motor for better efficiency with less friction. Plus, you can switch between two-speed modes. It’s worth noting that the battery is not included in this kit.

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3. Snow Joe 323E Electric Snow Shovel


In addition to their cordless options, Snow Joe also makes corded electric shovels. It has a 13-inch clearing range and a 10 amp motor that allows it to clear up to 400 pounds of snow per minute. It’s worth noting that the power cord is designed to be plugged into an extension cord, so it won’t be long enough to use on its own.

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4. Snow Joe Cordless Electric Snow Shovel Kit


If you’d prefer a cordless option that allows you to work in harder-to-reach areas, Snow Joe makes some of the best value electric shovels and snow removal equipment. Plus, the name is just fun to say. This kit comes with pretty much everything you need. The tool, battery dock and battery are all included, and there’s even a cover for storage. It has a 10″ clearing range, making it best suited for smaller walkways.

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5. Kobalt Cordless Electric Snow Blower


This kit comes from Kobalt, Lowe’s in-house power tool brand. The complete kit comes with the accessories you need to get to work quickly. One battery is included, in addition to the charging dock. It has a 12″ clearing width.


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