This Grout Gator Makes Cleaning Your Bathroom a Little Less Painful

grout gator review
Image courtesy of The Grommet
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* Four separate cleaning brushes to dig into dirt
* Fits between tiles from 2-12 inches wide
* Attaches to any standard cleaning pole

Bathroom cleaning is hardly anyone’s favorite job, and getting the spaces in between tiles is often one of the most frustrating parts. The grout– which sounds kind of like “gout” — which many would say is fitting for this often painful task, is one of the hardest-to-clean surfaces in any home.

But if you’re not being punished by a drill instructor, there’s no reason to resort to the tooth brush. This “grout gator” takes some of the ache out of grout cleaning. A green, vaguely gator-shaped head bearing four individual sets of bristles lets you clean the grout four times as fast, and with much less awkward bending and scraping. It attaches to any standard cleaning pole, meaning you can take much of the medieval torture out of tile cleaning and turn it into a more upstanding job.

Grout gator bathroom tile brush Courtesy The Grommet

The four nylon brushes are adjustable so you can clean the spaces between tiles anywhere from 2-12 inches wide. Use it on bathroom floors, shower walls, counters and more. Anywhere there’s tile, the grout gator can extend your reach. The bristles also break through dirt and debris between than a cloth or sponge.

This labor-saving device is sort of like the multi-bladed plough of bathroom cleaning. Since such farm implements have been around for thousands of years, we say it’s about time. Now if only someone figures out a way to Rube Goldberg the grout gator to an automated Roomba, so you can read a book or scroll through social media while your bathroom gets cleaned, then we’ll really be living in the future.

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