Detox Your Home With These 5 Natural Products For Spring Cleaning

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* Toxic and chemical-free cleaning products you should be using 
* From glass cleaner to all-purpose soap
* Freshen up your space without polluting the air

It’s that time of the year already, where the dust and dirt have piled up in the crevices of your home and counter spaces need a fresh wipe down to reflect the sunny and bright season outside. Spring cleaning is a must for a clean and healthy living environment that means mold-free surfaces and crumb-free carpets. But not all cleaning products are treated equally. Many typical products you find on the shelf are made with toxic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine and bleach, which can cause serious side effects when inhaled and absorbed through the skin. So, this spring season we rounded up a collection of five healthier product alternatives that are made with natural ingredients including castile soap and biodegradable cleaners, for a sparkling and detoxed home—minus the chemicals.

1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s makes a wide selection of healthy products that double as body soap and home cleaning suds, so you don’t have to swap between products to get an effective clean. This lavender scented castile soap is a great addition to your cleaning lineup as it smells as fresh as spring while tackling dirt and grime all over the house—and you—because of ingredients like hemp, coconut and olive oil for a natural clean.

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2. Lemongrass Disinfecting Wipes

These Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes are a convenient alternative to using dirty rags and harsh chemicals to clean-up around the house. They are made with botanical Thyme oil, lemongrass (for a natural and vibrant scent) and essential oils and extracts for a deep clean. These multi-use wipes can be used outside of the home, too. Stash some in your car and at the office for a helping hand to keep your life dust-free and lemon fresh.

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes Courtesy of Amazon

3. Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaners can be some of the most toxic cleaners because they have the dirtiest job around. But this natural bowl cleaner is made with naturally-derived ingredients and essential oils to cut through grime without polluting your home with chemicals. There are no perfumes or petroleum-based elements so you can deep clean without worrying about nasty fumes in the air.

Better Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon

4. Method All-Purpose Cleaner

Made with non-toxic and biodegradable materials, this all-purpose home cleaner should be a mainstay in your cleaning collection. It actually breaks down naturally so you don’t have to feel the guilt after wiping, rinsing and spraying down your home to keep it grease (and chemical) free. This version comes with a clementine scent and can cut through dirt on tile, wood, stone and glass.

Method All-Purpose Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon

5. Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

We love this re-usable bottle design that lets you refill the container with the brand’s effective glass-cleaning product. Made with non-toxic and ammonia-free ingredients, the streak-free product is meant to work on a variety of surfaces like mirrors and computer screens alike. JAWS stands for Just Add Water, a practice that the brand is making very accessible to everyone by including refill pods to simply add into your spray bottle for shiny glass throughout the house.

Jaws Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon