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I’ve Been Using This Portable Clothing Steamer for Years and It’s Just $23 Today at Amazon

Here are two fashion facts I’ve learned through bitter experience:

First, it doesn’t matter how stylish your outfit is if you show up wrinkled and unkempt. Second, no matter how quickly you remove your clothes from the dryer, some of your items are going to come out wrinkly.

Which is why for the past few years I’ve relied on the Hilife Portable Clothing Steamer HL7 as my secret fashion weapon.

And I’m not the only one. This humble little steamer is the #1 best-selling steamer on Amazon, and it’s 38% off for a limited time.

Keep reading for our abbreviated review of this useful product, or head directly to Amazon to shop this deal before it ends.

hilife clothes steamer


Why We Love the Hilife Portable Steamer for Clothes (HL7)

Handheld clothing steamers can help you accomplish what your dryer can’t — getting wrinkles out of your favorite clothes. For guys like me, that means removing stubborn wrinkles from dress shirts, chinos, pants and button-up shirts of all kinds. If I want to wear a crisp white t-shirt as part of an outfit, steamers can also come in handy. For my beautiful and stylish long-time girlfriend, it can help smooth out wrinkles in work dresses or orders from Rent-The-Runway.

Once upon a time, irons and ironing boards were standard practice after doing a load of laundry, yet many millennials and Gen Z members see ironing as a thing of the past. Sure, ironing boards were great for Baby Boomers who could afford to buy their own homes and had storage space to spare, but who has the time or space for that anymore.

So how effective is the popular Hilife Portable Clothing Steamer? After more than 87,000 ratings from Amazon customers, this steamer has a respectable 4.3-star rating. I’ve personally been using this steamer for at least two years, and it’s proven to be an effective tool for removing wrinkles. I’ve used it on both formal and casual apparel, and I’ve found it to be an effective dewrinkler.

Currently, you’ll find the fading mark of a mild burn blister on my forearm, which was the result of a last-minute attempt to de-wrinkle the sleeves on a dress shirt. Fortunately, you can chalk that up to user error, but I can verify this 700W handheld appliance really can get hot enough to smooth out wrinkles.

Even at the full retail price of $39, I would recommend this product to SPY readers. But at the current sale price of $23.99, I think it’s a must-have for anyone who feels like they’re fighting a losing battle against wrinkles.

Basically, until I can afford a house of my own and the Samsung Airdresser, I’m going to depend on a clothes steamer and occasional dry cleaning.

Is there a catch?

For our Hilife Portable Steamer for Clothes review, I should note a couple of downsides.

This handheld model isn’t as effective as the commercial stand-up steamers used in clothing stores and other professional purposes, but that’s hardly a surprise. Second, if you overfill the steamer, even a little, hot water will bubble out the top of the steamer. I do wish the water reservoir was larger or the cord longer, and that’s really my only pain point with this product.

Otherwise, we think this is a high-quality steamer, especially for the price.

Pro-tip: if you hate waiting around for the water to heat up, fill the reservoir with hot water to get things going.

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