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The Makers of Poo~Pourri Now Have Home and Pet Products For Helping Eliminate All Odors

The makers of Poo~Pourri, the spray for eliminating bathroom odors post-bowel movement, has expanded their product line with Home~Pourri and Pet~Pourri, two lines designed to address and improve all the scents at home.

Both collections are now available on their website, and include candles and/or sprays in a variety of scents for neutralizing 90% of home odors in 60 seconds or less. You can shop both at the links below, and keep reading to hear more about each line.


Poo~Pourri was designed for eliminating bathroom odors, but this line is designed for use throughout the home. It includes odor-eliminating candles and sprays in a variety of seasonal scents including Caramel Apple, Fall Feels and Pumpkin Spice.

Each scent solution contains the brand’s Funk Lock Technology designed to neutralize 99% of home odors within a minute through essential oils. Not only do these sprays capture odor, but they leave behind a pleasant aroma in its place. They’re also safe to use on furniture, carpets, curtains, bedding and even pillows.

Here are a few of our favorite products from the collection.

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This bright, citrus-y spray is perfect for addressing strong odors at home and leaving behind a spritz of freshness. It’s got the tart sweetness of summer fruit and is safe to use on furniture, carpets, curtains and bedding.

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If you believe fall is the superior season, this spray is for you. It’s made with those warm fall scents like cardamom, cumin, clove and has notes of vanilla and lavender to smooth it all out.


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This candle uses the scents of a luscious garden to capture and neutralize less pleasant odors in your home. The blooming florals and earthy sandalwood are the perfect combination for finding peace amidst chaos.


Pourri’s new line of pet products is designed to help deal with the inevitable that comes with funk four-legged friends. Whether it’s a stinky litter box or the occasional accident, these sprays and candles are made to neutralize pet odors so your nose won’t register them after the cleanup.


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Nobody likes the smell of pet pee, go with this stuff instead. It’s got the scent of a fresh spring day and is designed to eliminate 99% of pet odor upon first spritz. Transform the odor on a molecular level and go back to loving your pet faster.


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This is the same pet odor-capturing technology as the spray in a candle form. It’s soy-based wax and is perfect for placing near their bed or litter box for added freshness. Make sure you light it where they can’t knock it over or mess with it, and your home will smell better in no time!