How to Clean a Mirror For a Shinier Reflection

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Streaking isn’t fun. Well, okay, let us rephrase: mirror streaking isn’t fun.

Why does it seem that we can’t figure out how to clean a mirror without leaving any unsightly streaks, water spots and smudges? Why can’t we ever expect a pristine, crystal clear mirror when we’re finished cleaning? It’s a question that seems so straightforward to answer: but how exactly do you clean a mirror?

Although you’re here likely because your go-to cleaning solution didn’t do the job as well as you thought it would, cleaning a mirror doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. You’re just using the wrong products. For sure, keep that all-purpose cleaning solution you’re used to scrubbing the floors and countertops with, but leave it off of your mirror unless you want to be frustrated. It seems all-purpose doesn’t always been all-purpose.

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What Do You Need to Clean a Mirror?

Keeping your mirror clean and lacking any streaks, smudges and water spots is relatively easy with the right techniques and supplies. It’s not rocket science and it’s certainly not as annoying as cleaning your shower. And, there’s a solid chance you probably have the majority of what you need sitting at home in your pantry already.

Before you’re ready to wipe down the entire mirror, you’re going to need to snag some cotton balls and alcohol. No, we’re not talking about the bottle of vodka on your bar cart, instead, take a peek in your medicine cabinet and grab the rubbing alcohol. You’ll need these two items before the wipedown so you can tackle any toothpaste splatter and gunk.

The main products you need aside from rubbing alcohol and cotton balls aren’t hard to come by, either. Heck, 1/3rd of what you’re looking for is running straight out of your faucet.

All you’re going to need? Vinegar, a microfiber cloth and water.

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How Do You Clean a Mirror?

Now that you know what you need to get the job done, cleaning a mirror should come easy.

First, let’s focus on those unsightly toothpaste stains and that gunk buildup in the mirror’s corners. As mentioned, you’re going to need some rubbing alcohol and a few cotton balls. All you’re going to do is spot clean these areas with a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton ball before cleaning the whole mirror.


Well, toothpaste stains and gunk are a huge reason why streaks occur in the first place. Without this spot cleaning process, you can expect your clean to go as awry as it would with your average all-purpose cleaner.

Once you’re done, it’s time to wipe down that mirror for a perfect, streak-free shine.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

Mix half water and half white vinegar into an empty spray bottle and give it a good shake. Then, spray your mirror with a generous soak. Once you’ve got it covered, wipe it all down with your microfiber cloth for the shiniest mirror the world ever did see. It really is that simple.

Where Can You Purchase Products for Cleaning a Mirror?

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