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How to Clean a Shower: The 9 Items You Need to Keep Your Tub Pristine

Picture this: you’ve just come back from the gym. One of the sweatiest workouts you’ve ever had by far. You’re feeling absolutely gross. You get home and turns out, nobody’s home. You have the entire place to yourself. This means only one thing: nobody’s in the shower. You walk over to the bathroom, move the curtains aside, you’re humming, of course, because you’re excited to get your wash on.

That’s when you realize. Your shower is absolutely filthy.

It’s no doubt that your shower will get filthy from time to time. Like, you’re literally washing your disgusting body inside of it. The floor of your tub has seen it all. Blood, sweat, tears. We could go a little grosser if you want, too. Mucus, fecal particles, the like. So, when your shower is dirty, it’s more or less well-deserved. But, you don’t have to spend your days washing your body in filthy surroundings — learning how to clean a shower is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Why You Should Clean Your Shower

Cleaning your shower won’t only make you feel better, but a dirty shower can become a hell of a safety hazard. Not only is mold, bacteria and germ buildup unsanitary, it’s also dangerous. Accidentally ingesting getting or getting these unwanted shower buddies in your eyes can get you really sick.

Not only that, but a dirty shower often means that the bottom of your tub can become covered in soap scum, leaving a slick consistency coating where you stand. Yup, that means a slip is imminent. While you might think you’ll be able to catch yourself before hitting your head on the wall or busting through the shower door, that won’t always be the case.

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You know what they say, the most dangerous room in the house is your bathroom. You shouldn’t take any chances.

How Often You Should Clean Your Shower

It’s said that you should clean your shower at least once a week to keep your cleaning sessions safe. We understand that cleaning your shower can get annoying, but we suggest doing it on days you might not have much else to do. For example, ditch out on cleaning Monday through Friday and save the deep clean for the weekend. This will give you a lot more time to get dirty work done instead of feeling rushed to clean your tub during the workweek.

If you’re using a glass shower door, you’re going to need to put a little more effort into your cleaning sessions. It’s suggested you the best shower squeegee on your shower door after every shower to rid of any water buildup that might cause mold, bacteria, germs or any unsightly water stains on glass.

Luckily, squeegeeing your shower will take a lot less time than you might think. Give yourself a minute once you shut the water off and go to town on the door really quickly. It’s fast.

If you’re working with a shower curtain, be sure to place one of those really cheap, clear or white dividers between your main curtain (the one you want people to see when they walk in your bathroom) and the tub. This will prolong the life of your main curtain, which only means you’ll have to change the inner curtain every once in a while. We suggest you do so when you begin seeing mold near the bottom.

What’s the Easiest Way to Clean a Shower?

There are many ways to clean a shower, but our favorite way of cleaning?

Whilst showering. Hear us out.

Cleaning while showering might seem a little counterproductive, but it makes cleaning your shower feel like way less of a chore. If you incorporate a quick clean into the end of one shower a week, it will feel more like a routine than it does an unwanted activity. Consider placing all the products you typically use when cleaning outside of the shower to easily reach and then go to town at the end of your shower. Any dirt you get on your body or sweat you accumulate while cleaning will wash right off.

To end your shower cleaning session, we always suggest you turn on a fan or open a window if you have access to one. This will get the warm, wet heat out of the bathroom at a quicker rate and allow for a lesser chance of bacteria, mold or germs to thrive.

What You Need to Clean a Shower

Products for cleaning showers will range per person, so we thought we’d break cleaning your shower into a few categories concerning must-haves and give a few options to consider for each.

You’re going to need as follows:

  • Bathtub cleaner
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Squeegee
  • Gloves (if you prefer to clean the hard way)

Get it? Got it? Good. Now, let’s get started.

Best Bathtub Cleaner

If you try cleaning your shower without a bathtub cleaner, might as well simply not. You can’t use regular, shmegular soap, shampoos and sprays. It has to be a bathroom/bathtub disinfectant that attacks grime, mold, germs and other bacterias. Check out some of our favorites below.

Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer

This shower foamer is genuine magic. We don’t know what kind of voodoo the makers of Scrubbing Bubbles is practicing, but boy, we’re totally sold. This spray covers your entire tub in seconds and removes lime, grime, calcium and dirt with just a quick scrub-over. It goes to work the second it makes contact with your tub, easily cleaning up soap scum before you even bring your scrubbing brush to it. Tough stains? No problem. You’ll get them out.

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Mr. Clean Multi Surface Cleaner

It’s in the name, people, so don’t be so shocked. Mr. Clean can truly make a cleaning product, that’s for damn sure. This multi-surface cleaning spray is not only ideal for cleaning all the grit and grime from your bathtub but works well on countertops, floors and tiles. It has three times the cleaning power over other leading all-purpose cleaning products, so you know you’re in good hands.

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Soft Scrub All Purpose Surface Cleanser

Soft Scrub is another leading all-purpose cleaner that can seriously fight the scum surfacing on your bathtub. This all-new formula packs heat with a cleaning punch bacteria, germs and mold buildup will never see coming. Once you’re finished cleaning, the scrub also leaves behind a pleasant lemon scent that will have your shower smelling extra clean.

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Best Scrubbing Brush

Tough scum, lime and grime are hard to get rid of without a solid scrubbing brush to help you get the job done. Get yourself a solid scrubbing brush to keep in the shower whenever you need to get down on your hands and knees to get cleaning.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Not to be dramatic, but the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the scrubbing brush of all scrubbing brushes. With an *almost* 5-star review on Amazon, this scrubbing brush is practically Godsent. Unlike the majority of scrubbing brushes we prefer for cleaning our shower, the Magic Eraser is made of Durafoam, which lifts and removes soap scum and effectively attacks even the toughest-to-reach areas of your shower.

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Amazer Scrub Brush

You know what they say, two is better than one. The Amazer Scrub Brush comes in a pack of two so you can have a backup plan in case anything happens to the first one. Essentially meaning when the handle breaks off or the brush becomes so filthy it’s no longer worth having, you’ve got your second one ready to go. These brushes offer an ergonomic handle that makes cleaning a breeze. Simply spray down whatever bathtub cleaner you prefer and go to town.

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OXO Good Grips Heavy Duty Scrub Brush

Talk about heavy-duty. If you’ve broken one too many handles with brushes that look like the kind above, maybe you’re going at it a little too hard, my guy. Check out this heavy-duty scrub brush that ditches the handle with a down-low, ergonomic hold instead. Brustles easily scrub away mildew, grime and soap scum and the handle is completely non-slip, so it won’t fly out of your hands if you’re doing it in the shower.

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Best Squeegee

When it comes to the best squeegees, there are really only two options you should consider: a more expensive, sturdy one and a less expensive, not-as-sturdy one. Never should you purchase a squeegee over the price of $15, though, meaning both of these are quite inexpensive to begin with.

HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee

This all-purpose squeegee won’t only clean your shower door, but also your windows, tile, mirrors, bathroom, kitchen, decks and patio if need be. It leaves a streak-free sparkle every time you use to ensure you’re getting the best clean you can. Each squeegee comes with a holding apprentice you can stick right on your wall for easy keeping and stays looking handsome while doing so.

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OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

Like the squeegee above, this squeegee is made for all-purpose use — it just comes at half the price. It doesn’t have the same, shiny look that the one above does, but it can do everything the same way it can. It also even has an additional wall attachment you can use to keep your squeegee safe, too.

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Best Gloves

Because you insist on cleaning your shower the hard way (i.e. whilst not showering), this one’s for you. A simple pair of gloves. All you need for your anti-grime, non-rinseable self.

Vgo 10-Pairs Reusable Household Gloves

Ten pairs in that classic rubber ducky yellow. A classic.

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