How to Clean Cow Hide, Sheep Skin & Leather Rugs

how to clean cowhide sheepskin rugs
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* Mr Hide, meet Mr Clean
* How to keep those cowhide and sheepskin rugs presentable
* Plus leather and suede care that works in your car, too

Sure, this may not be your first time at the rug rodeo, but how often have you or your friends been beguiled by the appearance of a sheepskin rug in a store or online, only to buy it and find that after a few weeks it takes on an inevitable grayish and polluted look? And nobody wants a hide rug that looks like something you dragged out of the melting permafrost and left in the sun near a coal-powered generator. Well, unless you’re a rogue, mammoth-cloning scientist and that’s your vibe, of course. Otherwise, here are four ways you can actually keep your cowhide and sheepskin rugs looking as good as the day you bought them.

1. Rodeo Cowhide Shampoo

You may have just rode off the dusty trail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a clean house. This will let you wash your cowhides without giving them a frizzy or mangy texture.

Rodeo Cowhide Shampoo Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Sheepskin Rug Brush

Seems intuitive enough: if it has fur, brush it. Just like your hair, your rug’s hair need to be groomed too. This thin-bristle stainless steel brush keeps sheepskins looking fresh and fluffy.

Sheepskin Rug Brush Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Wool Wash

This natural wool wash contains plant-based ingredients and no harsh chemicals, so it won’t give your rugs premature hair loss or create tangles. It’s also pet-friendly and even smells nice too.

Wool Wash Image Courtesy Amazon

4. Suede and Sheepskin Care Kit

Ever wondered what to do if someone stepped on your blue suede shoes? This kit is apparently the answer. It also works wonders for keeping sheepskin rugs and leather sofas looking new. PSA: You can, and should, use this stuff on any of the suede surfaces in your car, too. If you’ve ever seen an older BMW “M” car, you’ll know.

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