SPY Guide: How To Clean Your Windows, Mirrors and Glass Doors

How to Clean Windows and Mirrors:
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Fingerprints, grime, and smudges constantly — and mysteriously — appear on glass doors, mirrors, and windows. Dirty glass is also, sadly, very noticeable and very difficult to keep clean with soap and water. Luckily, brands have developed an array of highly effective glass cleaning tools and soaps to help keep your windows clear and smudge-free. Check out the best of these products below.

1. Sprayway Glass Cleaner

One of the highest-rated glass cleaners on the market is Sprayway. It’s very affordable (this 4-pack costs less than $10), streakless, and 100% ammonia-free.

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2. Miracle Glass & Mirror Cloth

Regular paper towels will make the job of cleaning glass much harder than it has to be. We recommend spending a couple extra bucks for these reusable, specially made glass and mirror cloths because they’ll make cleaning faster and they’ll leave fewer streaks.

Glass Cleaning Cloth Image courtesy of Amazon


3. TriNova Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Another great glass and mirror cleaner is this TriNova spray. Its highly versatile formula can be used on almost every glass surface in your home, car, or motorcycle, and it comes with a very reasonable price tag.

Glass Cleaner Streak-free Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Unger Microfiber Window Combi

For bigger jobs like sliding glass doors or hard-to-reach windows, you’ll want a window squeegee and scrubber like this one. It features an efficient design that allows for a single motion to clean and can be attached to a telescopic arm to reach those high-up windows.

Window Cleaner Squeegee Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner

Outdoor windows and glass doors can get dirty very fast, and often require some extra strength to get clean. This Windex cleaner features a solution that’s engineered for outdoor use and includes a spray bottle that attaches to your hose for easy cleaning.

Window Cleaner Windex Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Windex Original Glass Wipes

These Windex wipes are great to have around the house for touch-ups and emergency cleanings. They come in a convenient single-wipe dispenser, so you can easily grab one if you spot a pesky smudge or mysterious fingerprint.

Window Wipes Windex Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Glass Plus Glass Cleaner

One of the most versatile glass cleaners is Glass Plus. It’s safe to use on everything from outdoor windows to computer screens and leaves a sleek and streak-free shine.

Window Cleaner Glass Plus Image courtesy of Amazon


8. The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner

If your home has a lot of windows or glass doors, save yourself some time with this magnetic window cleaner. It cleans both sides of your window simultaneously, which means you can stay out of the cold (or the heat) and still clean your windows.

Window Cleaner Magnetic Glider Image courtesy of Amazon


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