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Love Your Cats But Hate The Smell of Their Pee? We Can Help

Cats are great. We love our cats. But we can love our cats and still hate that stubborn pee smell that seems to permeate any space they live in.

You never want guests to enter your home and have cat pee be the first thing they smell. Since it’s quite unpleasant, you probably don’t want to have to inhale it regularly either. We would never advocate for getting rid of your cats, so instead, we’re going to help you figure out how to get rid of that cat pee smell.


How To Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell


Step One — If possible, find the source.

Much of the time, that lingering cat pee smell isn’t coming from the litter box. When it’s potent, it’s probably emanating from somewhere that your cat had an accident. A pillow, couch, rug, chair or even countertop are all possible culprits. Try to sniff out the source of the smell so that you can directly treat the area that has fallen victim to urine.

Once you find it, immediately blot it with cold water or club soda.


Step Two — Use an enzyme cleaner to neutralize odor. 

Cleaners with enzymes are the most effective in not just covering up the smell of cat pee, but actually neutralizing it. Not only are they powerful when it comes to cleaning up any sort of pet accident, but they also help deter your pet from returning to that spot to pee repeatedly.
If you’re looking for a great enzymatic solution to clean up and get rid of that pesky cat pee smell, these are two of our favorites that get the most promising reviews.

ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator

Not only does Angry Orange eliminate the smell of cat pee, but it also fills your home with a delightful citrus scent. It’s actually derived from fresh orange peels, so it smells amazing, and it works like hell on stubborn odors. A little of this solution goes a long way to target strong, lingering smells and destroy them at the source. You can use it on relatively any surface that requires some intense deodorizing power.

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I just got a puppy and this is the only cleaning product I’ll use for her many accidents, so I can personally vouch for it.

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Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

This is a natural bio-enzymatic formula that promises to remove 100 percent of organic matter, including cat urine. You can use it on any surface in your home to remove stains and stubborn odors. It’s also biodegradable, non-toxic, and scented with essential oils, making it extra safe for every living member of your home.

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DIY Remedies To Treat Cat Pee Smell

If the source of your cat pee smell is a fabric surface and you find it when it’s fresh, you can sprinkle some baking soda directly onto the stain and let it soak up the odor for an hour. Simply vacuum it up afterward and rid the area of any lingering pee scent.

On wood or tile floors, you can make a 1:2 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, or apply plain undiluted white vinegar. Both peroxide and vinegar have magical qualities in lifting stains and removing odors. Keep in mind that while they both have rather unpleasant smells of their own, those will disappear as soon as the solutions dry.


Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

You likely already have some baking soda somewhere in your house, but in case you don’t, this is the classic one to go with.

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Hydrogen Peroxide

Though it’s also a common household item, if you don’t have any hydrogen peroxide lying around, you can grab a bottle on Amazon. Not only will it help to get rid of cat pee smells, but you can also use it as an antiseptic when one of the little ones gets a cut.

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Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

White vinegar can be used for cooking, but this jumbo jug is actually formulated with special cleaning strength. It’s the perfect variety of white vinegar to keep in the house if you’re going to use it to treat pet stains and smells.

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Continuous Solutions

If you feel like the cat pee smell in your home is coming from the litter box, or if you just can’t seem to fully kick it long-term, there are plenty of products that work continuously to deodorize litter boxes and any home spaces.

Many generic fragrance products will only cover up smells, and you don’t want your house to smell like a mix of cat pee and lavender, so seek out those that promise to eliminate odors rather than just cover them up. There are plenty of options out there that are actually designed to remove pet smells specifically.

Below you’ll find several effective options to use regularly in your home to keep it smelling fresh and clean.


Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator

We all know and love Febreze, and probably have some of their products to remove odors from the air or fabric surfaces in our homes. You may not have known that they have a special fabric refresher designed to remove pet smells in particular. It eliminates odors at the source and replaces them with a light, fresh scent.

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Arm & Hammer Double Duty Cat Litter Deodorizer

The same household name that makes your baking soda also makes a super effective cat litter deodorizer, featuring that same old baking soda. Add this straight to the litter box to eliminate both feces and urine smells from escaping into the rest of your home.

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Pet’s Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle

While regular candles will only mix with and mask bad smells, this pet-friendly scented candle is actually made to eliminate odors. They’re made with clean, non-toxic fragrances, and lab testing proves that they actually eliminate over 99 percent of pet odors.

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Renuzit Gel Air Freshener

Gel air fresheners are a great option in general for removing pesky smells because they absorb odor while also infusing your space with the scent of your choice. You can adjust this cone to your preferred level of fragrance, and the gel continuously neutralizes the smell of cat pee and other unfortunate pet smells.

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