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Here’s How to Get Rid of Weed Smell (Because No One Needs to Know When You’ve Smoked)

If you’ve ever visited the Netherlands, Canada, or one of the states with relaxed marijuana laws, there’s a chance you’ve (legally) enjoyed the mind-altering drug known as marijuana. Weed is great for relaxing, producing a mild euphoria, and basically having a really chilled out time — just ask viral sensation, Frederick Miller. While the drug does have relaxing benefits, it also features a pungent aroma. If you like to smoke pot, or if you smoke pot for medicinal purposes but don’t want everyone to know, you probably want to know how to get rid of weed smell.

We’re not suggesting anyone smoke weed illegally. We’re simply saying that even in the most law-abiding households, there are plenty of reasons the average weed smoker may wish to free their home of that identifying smell, much, in the same way, a cigarette smoker might want to get rid of the associated scent, too. Whether your parents are visiting and you’d rather they didn’t know, or you’re hosting colleagues at a dinner party, you’ll need to know how to get rid of weed smell.

Below, we’ve created a how-to guide with the best options for clearing your home and your person of weed’s distinctive smell. There are options for all kinds of smokers, whether you smoke every week, every month or just want to try it once in a while without a lasting impact on your home. Take a look through the list, and find the right option for you.

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1. Conceal Your Stash With Natural Odor Deodorizers

Every college student has tried the old dryer sheets in a paper towel tube trick. But there are far better ways to mask the smell of weed. One of the cheapest ways to ensure no one discovers your stash is to mask the natural odor using an odor deodorizer like this one. Place one of these natural bamboo charcoal purifying bags in the bag with your stash, and no one will know you’ve got some of the green stuff tucked away. The sealed linen bag absorbs moisture in the air and holds it inside along with your odors. These are completely natural, without synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. Hence, there’s no need to worry about your weed being contaminated by foreign fragrances, and they only require a 2-hour sun recharge once a month.

2. Don’t Forget About Your Breath

Most people focus on the space in which pot was smoked when trying to remove weed smell. But simply cleaning carpets, clothes, and countertops won’t get rid of the smell completely. That’s because, like cigarettes, weed does leave a scent on your breath. To ensure you get rid of every ounce of weed smell, use a strong mouthwash like Listerine. As an added benefit, the mouthwash also cleans your mouth and teeth every time you use it.

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3. Use Incense

If there’s one smell that is more recognizable than weed, it’s incense. That’s why it might be a good idea to try and cover your tracks by filling your home with the smell of incense instead. If anyone asks, just tell them that’s incense they’re smelling, and even show them if they aren’t convinced. Incense is a great option to keep in your cupboard at home. This set includes various scents, including sandalwood, jasmine, and sunrise. And with 12-15 sticks in every box, you won’t run out for some time.

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4. Clean Surfaces With a Strongly Scented Spray

Although most people consider weed smell to mostly settle in the air and into fabrics, the scent can actually penetrate harder surfaces. That’s why it’s essential to regularly wipe down countertops, furniture, and any other fixtures in your smoking spot. Using a strongly scented cleaning spray like this will help do double duty in that regard. Not only will this all-natural spray clean the surfaces, but its addictive honeysuckle scent will cover your weed smell swimmingly. This non-toxic, calming lavender scent will mellow you out even more, and the lack of harsh chemicals is better for your health overall.

5. Try a Candle Made for the Purpose

While burning any kind of scented candle is sure to have some beneficial effect on eliminating the smell of weed from your room, the next level up is choosing a candle designed specifically for the purpose of getting rid of that oh-so-obvious weed smell. This candle uses a natural scent blend that has been perfected for over 30 years to eliminate unwanted smoke odors of all kinds. This candle only contains natural ingredients, including beeswax, soy wax, and a range of non-toxic plant oils. To get the best results, light the candle 30 minutes before you start smoking.

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6. Exhale Into a Sploof

One easy way to deal with the smell of weed is to never let it escape into your home. This method, favored by smokers who would prefer to keep their pot habits undiscovered, involves exhaling through a “sploof.” Such devices turn smoke into clean air. While homemade sploofs use dryer sheets and toilet rolls to achieve this goal, why not try this one designed specifically for the purpose? Based on reviews, the results seem pretty impressive.

7. Spray an Air Freshener

People trust air fresheners when it comes to covering up offensive odors in the bathroom, and there’s no reason an air freshener can’t do the same when it comes to ridding your home of the smell of weed. These handy aerosol cans can be sprayed at the site of the problem. They work to eliminate airborne odors and fight bacteria and germs, too. While products like Ozium are popular, this chemical-free smoke odor eliminator by Pot-Pourri is a must-try, and reviewers are obsessed.

8. Put Odor-Absorbing Gel in Front of Your Vents

Countless stoners have tried to learn how to get rid of weed smell, but this is one cleaning hack that few smokers have considered. Odor-absorbing gels do exactly what they advertise. By placing one of these effective odor-absorbing devices in front of your vents in the room where you regularly smoke or directly next to the source of the smell, the gels work to remove the telltale weed smell from your space. Plus, these wide-ranging gels can neutralize pet odor, stinky trash smells, and unpleasant mildew stink, too. Fortunately, this odor-removing gel is a well-reviewed answer to the problem. It comes in a handy pot and is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes, and phthalate.

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9. Invest in an Air Purifier

Investing in an air purifier like this LEVOIT Air Purifier device is a great idea, as these devices will actually eliminate and neutralize odors directly from the air while capturing pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Not only will an air purifier remove the pungent smell of weed, but it can also work on other smells in your home, leaving the air you breathe cleaner than ever before. LEVOIT’s Air Purifier is one of the highest-rated on Amazon and comes pretty compact.

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10. Use the Window + Fan Method

If you’ve tried everything else on our list, it may be time to try out a more conventional answer. Start by opening a window (opening two windows will create a wind tunnel effect, which works even better), and then turn on a fan to move the air from inside your room out. It’s a better idea to have a fan with a large stand built-in, like this Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan, so you can set it up, point it in the right direction and leave it running until the room is clear of the telltale smell. This is an effective answer to most bad smells and works well in combination with any other methods on this list, too. Sometimes, when it comes to getting rid of weed smell, the simplest methods are the most effective.

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11. Invest in an Odor Control Storage Method

Due to the increased popularity and regularity of the substance in popular culture, there are now companies with the sole purpose of creating storage options for frequent smokers. One of them is STASHLOGIX, a brand that’s created somewhat of a weed lunchbox with an odor-trapping gasket and liner inside, as well as adjustable dividers for different-sized buds and a waterproof zipper. On the beach and worried about the tide coming in all over your stuff? Your weed will be safe. It’s also got a combination zipper lock for keeping your stash secure, and this product comes with a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out and letting the smells loose.

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12. Chew a Piece of Bold, Minty Gum

Other gums are minty but a little too sweet. That’s why our favorite is this strong peppermint variety by 5 Gum, which is sugar-free but doesn’t have that overwhelming, artificial taste. One chewer even says, “The flavors last longer than other gum like Orbit and Winter Fresh. I literally wouldn’t chew gum if it’s not this kind” Keep a pack in your bag, office, house, and care so that you’re never caught anywhere with a smoky mouth.

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13. Purchase a Scent-Free Portable Air Freshener

The scent of some traditional air fresheners can be borderline sickening, so why not invest in one that eliminates the scent from the root rather than masking it? This deodorizer by PURGGO is perfect for your car or anywhere it can be hung and draws out smoky scents with activated bamboo charcoal. It easily absorbs smoke and comes in a demure, dark gray color that blends in anywhere. An added perk? This sustainable bag can be used as a natural fertilizer for plants after its life cycle (a year) is done.

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14. Douse Yourself in This Unisex Body/Room Spray

This spray is a must because it can be used both in rooms and on your body, plus the scents are mild and versatile enough to be unisex. This particular scent of Zum Mist is one of their most popular: frankincense and myrrh. These fragrances are made with essential oils and fragrance oil that’s phthalate-free. It’s dark, sweet, and woodsy, making it the perfect unisex scent and a way to make musty smoke smell like an aromatic forest.

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15. Put a Bowl of Baking Soda in Your Car

If you’re not a fan of air fresheners and sprays, a little-known stoner hack is to place a bowl of baking soda in your car (or any other affected area) overnight. It has cleaning benefits and won’t expel harmful toxins or strong smells. Besides smoke, baking soda is powerful enough to work on spoiled food, smoke, vomit, sweat, and more. Keep it in your fridge or anywhere else that’s regularly affected by odors — cannabis or not.

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16. Get a Scented Wreath

While you sometimes see wreaths hung on front doors during the holiday season, they’re so much more than that. With artfully chosen herbs, flowers, and other bits of nature, these seasonal wreaths by Creekside Farms are filled with complex scents that beautifully fill a room. They also happen to act as breathtaking decor for any room in the house. Their summer offering is filled with notes of lavender, marjoram, sage, and oregano, while the winter one contains notes of eucalyptus, lotus pods, white statice, and dried bear grass.

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17. Up Your Odor-Proof Container Game With Airtight Glass Jars

When bags aren’t doing the trick, and other stash jars are too small or flimsy, turn to the trust-worthy airtight glass jars. These are completely odor-proof thanks to a rubber and wire gasket seal that clamps shut. It comes in a 12-pack, letting your purchase strains galore without running out of compartments. It will also keep edibles fresher and more potent for longer. If you don’t have enough flower to fill up all 12 jars, you can store dry food goods, herbs, or spices.

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18. Place Drops of Essential Oil in a Diffuser Or Humidifier

Essential oil is one of the most versatile (and chemical-free) odor removers — it can be placed in a fragrance diffuser or humidifier, dabbed on clothing and pillowcases, or added to a steamy shower for a spa-like effect. For people who are picky about scent or prefer to mix things up, Lagunamoon sells a 20-piece pack of all different kinds of classic and more unique aromas, such as lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar, and bergamot. You can always mix and match scents together for a custom-made room deodorizer.

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19. Maximize Space With a Two-in-One Fan and Purifier

Why have two bulky appliances when you can combine them into one with the sleek appearance of a Dyson device? This innovative fan has a built-in air purifier with a HEPA filter that can capture all kinds of gases, odors, and allergens while providing a refreshing breeze and making sure air circulates rather than getting stale and turning your sesh location into a musty frat house. It can easily cover a big room and is way more stylish than your average pedestal fan.

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20. Make a Dryer Sheet Sploof

Many stoners have tried to hide the smell of cannabis with this DIY method for decades. Just wrap a fragrant dryer sheet over a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube, holding it in place with a rubber band, and exhale your smoke through the tube so it essentially turns into a cloud of fresh laundry-scented goodness. You can also tuck these dryer sheets around your bed and in your dresser drawers or closets so that your clothes don’t smell as conspicuous.

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21. Place Dishes of Coffee Grounds Around the House

Coffee grounds won’t just make your house smell like a fresh cup of Joe — they will effectively deodorize your house from odors, including lingering cannabis smoke or vapor, in the same way that baking soda does. That’s because coffee contains nitrogen, which helps to neutralize air-borne orders. You can place it in bowls around the house to soak up the smell. Fun fact: coffee can also help you grow cannabis more effectively and is a known deterrent against insects for all kinds of gardens.

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22. Utilize Vinegar as a Smoke Cleanser

Vinegar is a common DIY cleaner, and you can also find it in the ingredient list of certain all-natural cleaners. Just like coffee grounds, if you keep saucers of vinegar around, it will help remove the weed smell from your home. Some people like to blend the baking soda method with the one if the smell is persistently lingering. If you get an unfortunate bong water stain on any of your clothes, vinegar can clean off tough stains and should take care of the job.

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23. Make Your Edibles the Scent-Free Way

Eating edibles is an obvious solution to the overwhelming smell of ganja smoke, but making them isn’t the easiest task. Plus, it can be a smelly process that neighbors don’t appreciate. Cooking your own edibles takes time and expertise. Still, the LEVO II helps take all the guesswork out of the process, creating any cannabis-infused delicacy that you can think of, from salad dressings to smoothie bowls. It can even make bath bombs and beauty products. With easy settings like “dry,” “activate,” “infuse,” and “dispense,” the infusion process becomes streamlined like never before.

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24. Get a Eucalyptus Bundle for Your Shower

Smoking in your shower is a useful hack to know if you want to learn how to remove weed smell. The steam from the hot water blends with the smoke, dissipating the smell. Plus, most bathrooms already have a built-in fan to suck the smells out of your home. Keeping a damp towel at the bottom of the door can also help, but to turn your sesh into a luxurious steam room experience, tie this pre-cut and wrapped Eucalyptus Shower Bundle, which is tied by a stainless steel self-adhesive hook. Instead of buds, you’ll smell like fresh and invigorating botanicals.

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25. Invest in a High Tech Fragrance Diffuser

Most manual diffusers are noisy, unattractive, and don’t work that well. Aromatech’s noiseless Aromini is a serious upgrade and a game-changer to the fragrance diffusion game when it comes to learning how to cover up weed smell. It features a nebulizing technology that breaks oils into a very fine mist without any residue left behind. Users can control scent intensity levels according to their personal preferences. Therapeutic properties are kept intact more than basic fragrance diffusers since the nebulization process doesn’t dilute the oil in water or heat it.

Courtesy of Aromatech

26. Get A Smell-Proof Backpack

Maybe your stash isn’t the problem, but your bag is. Even if you take the appropriate odor-removing measures, a bag that leaks out a cannabis smell isn’t the most discreet accessory. Instead, opt for this clever, lockable backpack by Revelry Supply with a unique filtration system thanks to activated charcoal and synthetic filters. Available in tons of chic colors, this high-quality backpack comes in all kinds of designs. And of course, there’s a secret inner stash pocket.

27. Use an Airtight Ash Tray With a Lid

As much as the plant itself smells, so does your ashtray with a ton of half-smoked roaches. If you’re unsure how to get rid of weed smell but want to eliminate that smoky musk, you might just need to invest in an ashtray with a lid. This versatile stash jar by Session Goods is airtight, making sure that no gross smells escape. You can also buy an additional one for your actual stash, since it has useful compartments for extra odds and ends. While this brand also sells an ashtray, it’s not airtight like this one, so for the same price, we recommend this one.

What’s the Cause of Weed Smell?

The skunky smells of cannabis are embraced by some and dreaded by others, but what exactly causes that extremely potent smell?

One of the big factors is harvest time, which can affect how mild or strong a certain weed smell is. When plants are allowed to grow to full maturity, a more pungent smell can be expected. Therefore, a younger plant will naturally have less smelly tendencies.

Another major aspect of what makes weed smell is terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds responsible for the scents in cannabis and multiple plants like pine, lavender, and even citrus fruits.

No single strain has the same terpene structure as the next, but certain terpenes will get your weed an undeniable scent, like linalool, which has a citrusy odor.

Often, the compound myrcene is responsible for that controversial skunky smell, especially in a strain that contains it in high concentrations. To avoid this stank from overwhelming your clothes and home, try to seek out low-myrcene plants. Beta-caryophyllene is similarly pungent, with more peppery overtones. Certain strains to avoid if you don’t like that skunky scent include Sour Diesel, AK-47, and any strain with skunk genetics.

To prevent cannabis-related odors, wash your face and hands after smoking. Once you pop in a piece of gum and do a quick spritz of body spray, it should be practically undetectable. You can also place bowls of baking soda, vinegar, or other natural odor-neutralizing agents in your home to draw out the scent.

Also, if you’re smoking indoors, make sure to always do it in a room that gets sunlight and has windows you can open. To hide the smell of unsmoked cannabis, place it in a vacuum-sealed or odor-resistant container. You can also light up in your bathroom with the shower on, which is otherwise known as a Hawaiian Hotbox.