6 Home Repair & Cleaning Items to Make Sure You’ll Get Your Security Deposit Back on Your Rental

How to Get Rental Security Deposit
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* Items to help with your move-out checklist
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* From ceiling repair to carpet cleaning

If you’re moving out of a rental soon and looking to make sure you get your security deposit back, we’ve put together a list of home repair and cleaning items to help you swiftly DIY your way to a more equitable refund. Especially if you’re moving out of a one-time collegiate apartment or a place that has seen its share of roommates come and go, chances are there are some nicks, holes, stains and paint blemishes that a landlord will try to charge you for.

Had an angry former roommate, or a roommate’s angry former boyfriend who used to take out his Mario Kart frustrations on the drywall behind the couch? Even if the place has hosted its share of the dreaded “edgy white boy,” drywall’s worst nightmare, don’t give up on getting your full deposit back. Here are six of the most reliable and easy-to-use apartment repair items you can get on Amazon.

1. Self Adhesive Drywall Repair

Drywall isn’t famous for being strong. Even the most upstanding tenant winds up with a drywall fissure or hole here and there. You can quickly repair many of them with this easy-to-use self adhesive fiberglass mesh.

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2. Wall Repair Kit

Fix mounting holes, repair scuffs from furniture and patch up your walls with this all-in-one kit.

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3. Ceiling Putty

If you need to fix any mounting holes in an acoustic ceiling, say from hanging plants or custom lighting, this is the way. Plus, this product’s name is far too funny not to be recommended.

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4. Mr Clean Magic Eraser

For serious bathroom and kitchen tile cleaning jobs, and well just about anything, these magic erasers are practically white-out for household blemishes.

Magic Eraser Mr Clean kit Image Courtesy Amazon

5. Grout EEZ

This deluxe pack from Grout EEZ makes short work of those horrible stains that darken the space between tiles. It’s everyone’s least favorite cleaning job, but at least this pack includes a free bonus grout brush to make it a lot quicker and easier.

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6. Carpet Shampoo Concentrate

This is some industrial strength carpet shampoo, the kind that works in those carpet steaming machines you can rent and that actually gets the job done.

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