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De-Ice Your Driveway With These All Natural and Environmentally Safe Products

Ice Melts or de-icers work by attracting moisture to form a liquid brine that generates heat to melt the ice. In order to become effective, the melt must reach the pavement, spread out on the ice and break its bond with the pavement, loosening the ice for easier shoveling. It may all sound very scientific, but ice melts help to clear away dangerous weather conditions in an instant, making the environment safe during snow and ice events.

Featured below are some of the best ice melts available right now. Not only do they work to clear ice in some of the toughest winter storms, but they are made without harsh chemicals and are safe to use around family and pets. These non-toxic formulas are safe for children, animals, and vegetation and will not burn skin or irritate paws upon contact.

In addition to being a safer solution to getting rid of ice, these melts are environmentally friendly. They won’t harm plants and by using them you are decreasing your chloride and alkaline impact. One version can even fertilize your yard as it is combined with a time-release fertilizer that distributes nutrients into the soil once the ice melts away.

1. Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt

Green Gobbler’s Pet Safe Ice Melt will melt all snow and ice in the worst winter conditions (as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit). It works by using pellets that generate exothermic heat over a short period of time to break bonds and lower the freezing point of water. By using magnesium chloride (which has a notoriously low toxicity level), these pellets are safe for use and will not burn your skin or irritate your pet’s paws upon contact.

Pros: In addition to being safe for pets, it is safe for the environment and won’t harm plants or cause spalling on driveways and concrete.

Cons: This is not recommended for use on wooden decks.

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2. Keep it Green Nontoxic Snow and Ice Melter

Keep it Green’s Snow and Ice Melter works on contact to de-ice pavements, driveways, and other road surfaces immediately to allow you to get on with your day. in addition to melting your ice, these pellets are combined with a time-release fertilizer that will distribute nutrients into the soil once the ice melt washes away. Free of harmful chemicals, Green Snow draws heat and moisture from the environment, making it safer for your home, family, pets and is environmentally friendly

Pros: The green tint of this snow salt ensures you see what area has been covered already to ensure no unnecessary waste.

Cons: It is recommended to clean up the ice melt after the snow is gone to prevent leftover white residue.

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3. Redmond Ice Slicer

The Redmond Ice Slicer is a 100 percent, all-natural product that is naturally more concentrated than white salt meaning you can use less of the product. Its gradations provide stabilizing traction while 60+ minerals help it brine faster and last longer than typical rock salt. What’s more, it melts up to 3.5 times more ice than white salt. Ice Slicer is free of harmful ingredients and safe for kids and pets, is eco-friendly, organic and solar panel-powered during the manufacturing process.

Pros: These are concentrated pellets that cover twice the area of other brands.

Cons: While its natural red coloring helps you and others see the product applied, over-application may lead to a reddish hue being left on the concrete which can be sprayed away with water.

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