Clean That Dirty Smartphone With the Rolling Screen Cleaner You’ve Never Knew You Needed

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If you don’t think that your smartphone gets dirty as all hell, you probably don’t own a smartphone.

From dirt to fingerprint smudges to grease to anything else that might somehow come in contact with your phone screen, our phones have never looked as crystal clear like they were the day we bought them. Considering now more than ever we’re disinfecting our phones due to COVID-19, it’s so much more obvious to see how quickly smudges really infiltrate a phone’s display after cleaning. It’s nasty.

If you’re looking for a way to combat smudges and dirt the way any regular cloth can’t, you need to get yourself the iRoller Screen Cleaner. It’s a rolling contraption that instantly removes prints, smudges and smears with just a few roll-overs. It has the ability to seriously clean your screen to make it look brand new. Although it’ll never disinfect your cell, it will keep it looking fresh throughout the day so you can see your screen with no glaring issues.

iRoller Screen Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon

The roller is extremely portable and measures only 3.5 inches long, so you can feel free to throw it in your back pocket for use on the go. It’s also completely liquid-free, so if you do keep it in your pants, you’ll never have to worry about it breaking and leaking all over the place.

It’s easy to clean with just a bit of liquid soap and warm water under your sink when it’s time for a spruce up, making it completely reusable. This will be the first and last iRoller you’ll likely ever have to buy. Unless your dog eats it or you leave it at a restaurant or something, if that’s the case, that’s on you.

iRoller Screen Cleaner Courtesy of Amazon

While the brand claims to be a total money saver by ridding the use of wipes and sprays, we do have to be real with you. We don’t suggest using this over disinfectant wipes, but we do suggest using this with disinfectant wipes. This will never clean your phone the way a good ole’ disinfectant product would. Germs will likely still stay on after a couple wipes from this iRoller, so this thing is more or less for visual purposes only. The iRoller simply works as an additional wipe you can use throughout the day when you don’t have disinfectant wipes handy.

If you’re looking to snag the iRoller for yourself and change the way you use your phone, you can find it for only $19.95 on Amazon. So, get going and make that phone look brand new again.


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