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Get Watches, Bracelets, Necklaces and More Looking like New with a Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Whether your favorite watch has been passed down through generations or it’s a brand new gift you bought yourself this year, caring for your jewelry is a must regardless of its age, price tag, or style. Jewelry gets hit with a lot of harsh elements, including sweat, water, dirt, grime, rust, and general wear and tear. Timex points out that their stainless steel watches can quickly dull if not cleaned regularly, which is the case for most pieces of jewelry. That’s why we use an all-natural cleaner to keep our jewelry looking and working like it’s brand new.

All-natural cleaners are ideal for jewelry because they remove the threat of harsh chemicals, alcohols, ammonia or toxins damaging your precious gems, gold, or silver. We also like using all-natural cleaners because they won’t aggravate the skin and cause breakouts or rashes that can be passed from the newly cleaned jewelry onto the wearer.

Regularly cleaning jewelry is not only a great way to keep your belongings looking their best, it also helps to keep them from developing permanent irregularities or having difficulties working, especially in the case of watches, necklaces and bracelet clasps. Your jewelry is important, regardless of its price tag, so take care of it with an all-natural cleaner.

1. Simple Shine All Natural Jewelry Cleaner Solution

If you suffer from sensitive skin and often have adverse reactions to harsh chemicals and ingredients, we recommend the Simple Shine All Natural Jewelry Cleaner Solution. The hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100 percent alcohol-free cleaner is free from detergent, ammonia and chemicals, and has been specially formulated to provide a deep clean to jewelry and fine metals without causing a reaction on human skin.

Pros: The biodegradable, plant-based Simple Shine is the perfect choice for those with skin sensitivities or who are environmentally conscious, but still want a cleaner that can remove years of dirt and grime from jewelry and fine metals. We also like that Simple Shine comes with a small brush to help access those hard to reach spots.

Cons: Simple Shine cannot be used on aluminum, brass, porous stones, pearls, gemstones, turquoise, emerald or opals.

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2. Calyptus Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Clean jewelry and glass lenses with the versatile Calyptus Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, a long-lasting natural cleaner that measures 8 ounces and uses 1 capful per 20 ounces of water, giving users enough cleaner for 36 ‘washes.’ We love that the Calyptus can be used with jewelry, including pieces with gemstones and semi-precious materials, brass, sterling silver, watch bracelets, as well as glasses, even if lenses have anti-reflective AR coating.

Pros: Calyptus is a concentrated plant-based cleaner that is alcohol and ammonia-free, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Cons: The Calyptus is designed to be used with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. It can be used without the machine, but it won’t be nearly as effective.

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3. Sparkle Bright All-Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Bring the shine back to old and tarnished pieces of jewelry, including gold, sterling silver and platinum pieces with Sparkle Bright All-Natural Jewelry Cleaner. Sparkle Bright is 100% all-natural, biodegradable, alcohol and acid-free, safe for children and environmentally friendly.

Pros: Sparkle Bright can be used on a wide range of products in addition to jewelry, including coins, buckles, medals, picture frames, aluminum trailers, horse tack and more.

Cons: Sparkle Bright isn’t safe for use on plated metals, costume and fashion jewelry, or pieces with a lacquered clear finish. It also must be applied with a brush or damp cloth, which unlike Simple Shine, is not included.

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