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The Liberator Sex Blanket Takes the Work Out of Post-Sex Clean Up

Sex is great. It feels good and is one of the most romantic, intimate and fun experiences that two people can share.

But with a long night of passion can come stained sheets. Whether it’s lube or something else, liquids are usually a part of the equation, and who wants to do laundry every time they do the dirty?

If you hate sex stains as much as you hate doing laundry, you’ve got to check out this sex blanket on Amazon.

That’s right — we said sex blanket. Yes, technically any blanket can be a sex blanket, but this one’s different. It’s specifically designed to minimize messes during romantic nights of passion.

Liberator is a brand specializing in sex furniture (or, as they call it, bedroom adventure gear), and they’re best known for strategically shaped pillows. The Liberator Decor Fascinator Throw blanket is a sex blanket designed for comfort and convenience. It’s got super soft plush micro-velvet on both sides and is specially designed to absorb fluids and liquids.


The Liberator Decor Fascinator Throw Blanket

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Courtesy of Liberator
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Liberator

The blanket has an “inner moisture barrier” that absorbs and holds liquids so your sheets stay spotless. It measures 6 by 4.5 feet so it covers most beds. Lay it out, do what you do and throw one thing in the wash afterwards instead of all of your bedsheets.

This plush sex blanket comes in a few different colors to match your bedding and is discrete enough to own and travel with without turning any heads.

It’ll set the tone, provide comfort and keep your bed nice and clean so cuddling will be the only thing on the agenda post-coitus.