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This Mini Robot Vacuum is a Must For People Who Snack at Their Desk All Day

* This handheld vacuum was designed for sweeping desks and keyboards
* It’s cordless and requires just two batteries
* The high-quality engine reduces noise so as not to disturb your coworkers

We’re not calling you a slob or anything, but if you eat at your desk, your office space is likely suffering the consequences. From bread crumbs to chip grease, the evidence is probably spread across your surfaces and keyboard. And we’re betting you don’t keep cleaning supplies under your desk. So how is your space ever supposed to get clean?

Rather than stocking bottles of surface cleaner and sponges in your filing cabinet, invest in one of these mini vacuums. This 3.1 inch by 2.4 inch device was designed for sweeping your desk and keyboard. It’s small enough to hold in one hand and can be easily transported from your office to your house when need be.

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The vacuum itself is completely cordless and relies on just two batteries to clean anywhere. Because of this, it’s suitable for cleaning your desk as well as car seats, keyboards, window sills and pretty much anywhere not in reach of an outlet. Plus, the suction on this device is more than powerful enough to pick up crumbs, paper scraps and pet hair.

What’s even better is that the

won’t disturb your coworkers. The sweeper has a high-quality engine that works quickly and reduces any associated vacuum noise effectively.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Furthermore, this practical vacuum is super easy to use. Simply press the power button and glide the vacuum slowly over the crumb-filled area that needs to be swept. When the vacuum is full, you just need to twist it apart and empty the bin inside.

The FineInno Mini Vacuum Cleaner is available in three colors, from standard black to pretty in pink. Buy one for your office and then get one for that messy coworker you always hear snacking in the corner. Your office will be cleaner than ever thanks to this small yet powerful vacuum.


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