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Stop the Fur From Flying With This Great Deal on the Neabot P1 Pro Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

It’s kind of amazing how much we love our pets and loathe their fur at the same time. But consider how truly insidious pet fur can be — carpet-killing, vacuum-choking, dander-raising, allergen-spewing — it’s a good thing our dogs and cats are so darned cute.

The Neabot P1 Pro Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit is as close to an all-in-one solution as anything we’ve seen. It brushes, de-sheds, and trims pet hair from dogs and cats while collecting it in a canister vacuum for easy disposal. And today, it’s on sale on Amazon for 33% off.

Want to finally get the upper hand on rampant pet hair clinging to your clothes, furniture, and every other surface in your home? Read on.

What Does the Neabot P1 Pro Do?

Name it. Five modular attachments, easily locked into place and removed, allow the Neabot P1 Pro to do every pet grooming chore needed, from daily brushing to seasonal trims for longer-haired pets. Trimming directly into a powerful vacuum means no cleanup afterward — Neabot claims the P1 Pro will suck up 99% of pet hair during a trim or brushing. It’s like a Flowbee for dogs, but better because it’s far more versatile and isn’t hampered by a silly name.

Yes, the vacuum is indeed powerful, to the tune of 9000 Pascals (Pa) of suction. It’s strong enough to use it on furniture to clean up your pet’s favorite napping spot.

Won’t a Vacuum Scare the Bejeepers Out of My Pet?

If you’re thinking of your floor vacuum, which is usually your dog or cat’s least-favorite appliance of all, then yes. But the Neabot P1 Pro operates at a very quiet 52 decibels. For reference, that’s 20 decibels fewer than a flushing toilet and 10 fewer than a normal conversation. The idea is to get your dog or cat to enjoy their Neabot sessions, which for furrier beasties could be daily.

The Neabot’s 52dB noise output is quiet enough that your cat will stop considering homicide long enough to enjoy a good brushing.

How Easy Is the Neabot to Empty? Do I Need Bag Refills?

No bags required. The Neabot has a removable canister, similar to most handheld vacuums, and it’s super easy to detach from the unit, empty into a garbage receptacle, and then rinse out the dander and dry the unit before reattaching to the Neabot.

Is Regular Grooming With the Neabot Good For My Pet?

The main sell of the Neabot P1 Pro is, of course, keeping your house clean. But regular grooming for your pet is essential for their well-being. Matted fur is painful for dogs and cats, and so is cutting out those matted areas. The longer teeth of the Neabot brush attachments get into the thick undercoat common in medium- and long-haired dogs and cats and remove the dead loose hair, which is beneficial for their skin. De-shedding your pet also draws out the natural oils produced by their skin to help prevent hot spots, which are extremely painful.

So This is Good For My House and My Pet AND It’s On Sale?

Correctamundo, Cunningham! The Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit is 33% off on Amazon right now, bringing the price down to $121.36. That’s between 3-5 trips to your local Petco for grooming appointments, so it pays for itself quickly. Plus, you get to do the grooming yourself, which is huge for your pet’s peace of mind.