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Working With Animals? Protect Your Skin With Pet Handling Gloves

Whether you work in the animal industry or are training your pet at home, protective gear is a must. Claws and teeth can easily cause injuries if you’re not careful. And while you might not be the Tiger King, you might want to pick up a pair of pet handling gloves.

Pet gloves are great for training dogs and handling animals at a pet store. These products are also a staple at animal shelters, farms and zoos. You want to purchase a pair of pet handling gloves that protects your hands and arms while allowing you to still use your fingers. Here are some features to look for:

  • Strong materials like leather
  • Double-layer protection
  • Heat resistance
  • Waterproofing
  • Finger grips
  • Forearm protection

The right materials will keep you safe from scratches and bites while working with pets and wildlife. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most pet handling gloves aren’t completely bite-resistant. Features like waterproofing can be helpful when bathing a rambunctious pet and quality finger grips will allow you to grip tools and pet care supplies.

Here are some of the best pet training gloves to consider.

1. RAPICCA Animal Handling Gloves

These pet handling gloves are made of genuine cowhide split leather and insulated cotton. The leather is layered on the tops of the hands, palms and fingers for extra protection. You can select between 16 and 22-inch sizes, depending on the length of the forearm. The company points out that these gloves aren’t 100% bite proof, so users should still take caution.

Pros: The fabric of these gloves becomes more flexible with time, making it easier to grip objects. This product is resistant to heat, oil, fire and punctures, so you can use them for manual labor as well.

Cons: These may be too big if you have small hands. The leather on the forearm isn’t reinforced.

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2. Sporting Style Animal Handling Gloves

These animal handling gloves are made of thickened cowhide for durability and include a cotton lining for comfort. The lightweight leather breathes easily and absorbs moisture, so you can wear these gloves in the heat. If you’re looking for full-arm protection, these extend past the elbow (and almost up to the shoulders for smaller wearers). Just keep in mind that the thin leather isn’t the best for bite protection.

Pros: These gloves are comfortable and allow for more dexterity than some other options. The fabric extends past the elbow.

Cons: These protect more against scratches than bites. The lining might slip out of the glove easily.

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3. PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glovs

PetFusion’s animal handling gloves are made of recycled synthetic leather, spandex and silicone. The material is machine-washable and water-resistant. These gloves include extra material on the tops of the hands and fingers for additional protection. You can select between a medium and large pair, and the gloves should extend to the elbow.

Pros: These are are waterproof, so you can use them when bathing your pet. This product covers the forearm.

Cons: While these gloves might protect against puppy chewing and cat scratches, they aren’t bite-proof.

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4. Olive & Suds Protective Gloves

Olive & Studs’ protective pet handling gloves are designed for grooming and bathing. Whether you’re a professional groomer or trying to care for your pet at home, these gloves will help you hold your pet. The durable microfiber material can protect your skin from scratches. This material is more flexible than some other options.

Pros: It’s easy to hold grooming tools with these gloves. The material may be thick enough to protect against bites from small animals.

Cons: These gloves aren’t waterproof, so they won’t keep your hands completely dry. The colors on the fabric may run.

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5. Suse’s Kinder Animal Handling Gloves

These pet handling gloves have a cowhide leather exterior and kevlar lining. The materials hold their shape and protects the hands, so you can handle domestic pets, reptiles, and birds. Sizes small through XXL are available, so you can enjoy a perfect fit. These gloves are designed to resist scratches and some punctures, but they aren’t completely bite-proof.

Pros: The leather is flexible enough to comfortably move your hands and handle objects. The gloves extend to the elbows.

Cons: Large dogs, birds, and wild animals may be able to bite through the material. These gloves aren’t water-resistant.

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